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Carley’s Kick Start Method Video

Carley’s Kick Start Method is now visualized for you on video. Tell us what you think in the comments.

Free Soap if you Like us on Facebook Plus More!

Facebook Promotion:

We love when people try the soap. We want to give an extra bar out on your next order. All you have to do is “Like Us” on Facebook.

Bars come included in almost every order already but we’ll send you an extra bar (two total) of the natural soap on your next order. Here’s how:

  1. Like us on Facebook
  2. Order something
  3. Email us about this Facebook Promotion
  4. You’ll receive an extra bar of soap goodness in the mail along with your purchase
  5. Follow us on Twitter for more promotions!

Note: If you already Like us on Facebook you can still participate. We’ve had customers “Un-Liking us” and then “Liking us” again just to participate. There’s no need!

YouTube Promotion:
An extra bar on your next order is nice… But you want more, right? We’ll throw you a FREE product, any product, of your choice if you record a short video about the products.

  1. Record a webcam/phone video to Youtube
  2. Send us the link
  3. Receive a product of your choice for FREE!
  4. Subscribe to our Youtube channel
Here’s a sample from one of our more enthusiastic customers:

You don’t need to record a an 18 minute video like this (awesome) customer did. A short video just explaining which products you love, which you don’t, how to use it is great. We LOVE these Youtube videos and we want our customers actively participating with us.

One person per promotion, please. Shipping is free.

While we’re on the topic of promotions:
Store – Buy two get 10% off / Buy three get 15% off / Buy four or more and get 25% off
eBay – Buy three and get one free

Look out for more in the future.