Storing Natural Soap

Do not store this soap in a plastic bag. It is best to allow the natural soap to breathe.

We use the finest vegetable ingredients we can find. They can vary from batch to batch. For example: the Shea butter we use is imported directly from Africa. Each tribe produces a different color butter. So the last batch we bought may look different from this batch. Dark spots are not uncommon. As this ages it will continue to discolor. This is normal and one of the reasons this is such a good soap!

Other soaps use chemicals (plasticizers) to preserve the same appearance for years. I’ve personally used our soap over 4 years old and it was fine to use (but very ugly!). To many, as this soap ages it actually mellows and becomes even better.

If you place this soap next to regular store bought soap it may absorb chemicals or odors from those soaps.

When placing this soap in a bath or shower, be sure and put the soap in a soap dish that is well drained and out of the shower stream. This will allow our soap to dry between showers or baths. If our natural soap stays wet in a puddle of water, it will melt fast.

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