Before/After Pictures

Why don’t we use before/after pictures?

Actually we’ve had people send us before and after pictures. We won’t use them. Most acne products that use before and after pictures are using paid models.

That strikes me as dishonest. Besides everyone has good days and bad days. Perhaps a picture taken on a good day and one on a bad day will give you a “difference”. What I want to know is how that person looks next month? Next year? Those two snapshots don’t tell me that.

Watch a Before/After Picture Done in Five Hours

A funny thing happened one night as I was watching The Tonight Show. A young actor came on the show. What followed I cannot forget. Jay asked him what was his first acting job. He said he did a few commercials. Jay asked which ones. He said the first commercial he did was an acne commercial. He said it was odd, he did the ‘after’ part first. Jay asked him what he meant. He said his skin was great as a teen. So they took the ‘after’ shot first and then ‘cosmetically’ added the acne for the ‘before’ shot. He said they did such a good job of faking acne, that his mom saw him before the make up was removed and she was shocked. NOW you see why I don’t trust pictures.

Feedback on Ebay cannot be faked. That’s a real way of looking at success stories.

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