For Those Few with Super Sensitive Skin – Some Tips

I want you to imagine getting rid of your acne as mountain you are going to climb. Going up is tough. The reward is at the top of the mountain. It is going to be tiring and stressful and it will seem like it is not worth it. That is what our product is like for some people. Yes, it is tough at first. When you the reach the top of the mountain, your skin will change. Your skin balances. Your skin will become soft supple and healthy. Always clear too. However, you have to get to the top of the mountain first. Most people who follow our directions reach this point after about two to six weeks.

Why so long?
What you have been using in the past has damaged your skin. Benzoyl peroxide is a remarkably effective ingredient. How long it continues to work depends on how it is used. If left on the skin for extended periods (along with acids), the damage can be severe. This is why you have sensitive skin. Your skin is so stressed it is producing large amounts of oil and telling you to avoid benzoyl peroxide.

Let me give you an analogy. There is a product out there called Ambien. It helps people sleep. In fact, it is a miracle in a bottle for people who cannot sleep. However, if you use it for too long, you quickly become dependent on it. Sleeping without it becomes impossible. In addition, you cannot use it long term because it starts affecting your brain and memory function. Therefore, you must gradually withdraw from Ambien. I know because this happened to me recently. I stay up late answering emails. This makes it difficult for me to sleep. After my doctor stopped my refills, I knew I had to quit. It was not easy, but I kicked it.

Benzoyl peroxide is also a wonderful effective ingredient. However, if left on the skin for more than 30 minutes a day, long term, it has a real wicked side. It damages the good natural flora your skin needs to be healthy. That is where you are. That other product’s skin wash is a powerful combination of acids and benzoyl peroxide that has put you in this situation. Their product keeps us busy.

What our system does is helps the skin to restore the natural flora to your skin. You have to reach the top of the mountain for our product to work. The soapy washcloth sweeps all of the benzoyl peroxide from the pores of your skin. If you do not do that then the benzoyl peroxide stays on your skin in the pores, just like an ointment. When used correctly, at first there will be some dryness and irritation, but eventually your skin will balance. Of course, our product is much more than just benzoyl peroxide. Clear & Smooth is a system that delivers massive amounts of nutrients into your skin.

Clear & Smooth only has 2% Benzoyl Peroxide while most use more than 5%

So how did we learn about short contact with benzoyl peroxide working?
I am allergic to benzoyl peroxide. Nevertheless, it was so effective I had to come up with a way for it to work with short-term contact. That is where the soapy washcloth came in. At first, I thought it was just me. We noticed others who did not have this allergy also saw wonderful long-term results with short contact. Some took a while. Those that did not follow our routine in the beginning eventually saw our product stop working (even if it worked for awhile).

Our moisturizers do not clog pores and that does not cause acne, anyway. How your skin deals with the ever-present bacteria determines how clear your skin is. Right now, your skin is defenseless. That is why it is so sensitive. We have helped many people in your situation. This is why we want you to avoid other skin care products. Everything out there is too acidic. Our pH neutral daytime moisturizer for acne prone skin works wonderfully under a mineral powder foundation.

Here is what I would like you to do for super sensitive skin.

  • About 5 minutes before your shower, paint the areas most problematic with a thin layer of our product
  • Next get in the shower and rinse off our product. Forget about scrubbing at this point
  • Take a fresh clean washcloth and make it soapy
  • Use this washcloth, gently washing the areas you are treating. Rinse thoroughly. Even if it hurts, do this
  • Gradually work into gently scrubbing with our acne treatment. It might be a week or so before you can do it. Do not get discouraged!
  • Eventually we want you doing the Quick Start routine
  • At some point, the dryness, the oiliness, and the sensitivity will be less and less
  • You will notice your skin will feel softer as you get near the top of this mountain
  • Your acne may not change at first. Do not be discouraged
  • There is nothing else (from what we’ve seen) on the market that is going to help you. You are in what we call burnout

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