When we see a person post a comment that they have seen results in a few days, we usually groan knowing some people are going to believe that will happen for them. We like to think of this as a long term solution, not a quick fix. Quick fixes in just about everything are just that, quick. Not usually anything lasting.

Why? Through history, acne almost always has been a teen issue. That is until about 30 years ago. New products were introduced and just about all acne treatments followed suit. These products worked marvelously (for a while). It was (and still is) expensive, but hey, how much is clear skin worth?

After 30 years of these treatments, adult acne is now running rampant. MSNBC did a report a few years ago and reported 45 million adults in the USA suffer from acne from time to time. Many have acne constantly.

This is particularly surprising to those of us who grew up in the 1950’s and 1960’s. We never saw adults with acne. At about 18 to 19, acne was usually over.

We theorize that the very acne products that seem to be helping are actually causing acne to be a long term persistant problem. We also believe the fad of making most skincare products acid is also another cause.

So why do some see really fast results and some don’t?

This seems to be true for both adults and teens. Those who used ointments and stay on the skin acidic ointments and fruit acid moisturizers seem to be the ones seeing the slowest results. There are some exceptions to this rule. Allergies may be a cause.

What if I am one of those “slow” to see results?

Patience is needed. Some see their acne get worse at first. Once this kicks in you should see results forever. About one third need a good four to six weeks to see any results. A small percentage need even longer. A few take two to three months.

Since we offer a no time limit guarantee, we suggest you stick with it (many competitors offer money back guarantees for only 30-60 days which does little). You’ll be so glad you did. Following the directions is critically important.

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  1. Hello,
    I just received my 4 products. You gave me the discount, sent samples, and soap! Thank you so much. I hope I see results soon.

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