Allergies to Benzoyl Peroxide

What is Benzoyl Peroxide and how does it work?

In layman’s terms, BP is an oxygen generator. In a proper solution, it drives massive amounts of oxygen into the skin, disrupting the bacteria and keeping them from causing acne.

About 1% of the population are allergic to Benzoyl Peroxide (BP). Most are allergic when it is applied as an ointment. This usually looks like a rash.

So if I am allergic to BP, what can I do to make certain I don’t get a rash?

Just follow the directions. Most with this allergy actually see faster results. This is because they haven’t used those skin ointments.

This uses a lower amount of BP than most products (2%)

We recommend you start slowly. For those with very sensitive skin, managing the length of time with this exfoliant is in contact with your skin can be important. When starting out just scrub for five to ten seconds, quickly rinse. Then take a fresh clean wash cloth and thoroughly wash with the natural soap and water. Rinse.

As a side note: I am very allergic to benzoyl peroxide, yet do very well with this exfoliant (I’ve been using the acne wash daily since 1999 and still get incredible results). But IF I just rinsed the exfoliant off, I would rash up quickly. So the washing with the natural soap and wash cloth after each scrubbing is critically important.

Don’t scrub over the sink. Do it in the bath or shower. Morning or night doesn’t matter. Only once a day. About 10 or 12 hours later wash your face again with the natural soap or body wash and water, over the sink if you like. Keeping your skin clean is critical. Don’t re-use wash cloths, use sponges at all or any of those micro-dermabrasion cloths sold on eBay. If you do, you are just reapplying the bacteria you removed during your last shower! Get a stack of wash cloths and use fresh ones every shower. White ones are good.

Why don’t we just tell people with an allergy to BP to avoid this product? Because these people get wonderful results when they finally determine the correct length of time to keep BP on the face. Usually just a tiny amount will do wonders!

*People with BP sensitivity should avoid the eye areas. You are typically most sensitive here.

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