Anti-Aging Exfoliation

Some say they are afraid exfoliation will cause microscopic tears. This is an internet rumor, with no basis in facts. Let me explain.

Your skin is made up of many layers. As the top layer wears away a new layer replaces it. The faster the top layer is removed the faster your skin has to replace it with new skin cells that finally work their way up to the surface. New skin cells are softer and more supple.

Exfoliation (in a proper pH neutral solution) is the secret to healthy, youthful skin.

The older you get the thinner the skin becomes due to the slowing of your body to replace those skin cells. Talk to anyone over 80 and they’ll tell you their skin scratches and bleeds very easily due to their skin being so thin. Most people baby their skin by treating it like it is delicate. This just encourages the skin to grow more slowly.

How do we know? Ever had a bad scrape that was deep enough to cause a permanent mark? What did your body do? Well it sensed this will be an area you are going to put a lot of wear and tear on so your body put an additional layer of skin there we call a scar.

Ask anyone who plays the guitar about the callouses they get on the end of their fingers. Callouses are merely the body’s attempt to protect the skin in an area of overuse or friction. Failure to use your muscles enough and your muscles weaken.

What did we learn from weight lifters about the skin?

Weight lifters actually tear microscopic muscle fibers when they take a weight to ‘failure’. How does the body respond? Your body senses that weight lifter needs stronger muscles due the demands they are putting on them, it builds bigger muscles (hypertrophies). This is why weight lifters don’t lift weights on successive days. They have to give their body time to repair.

Our bodies are all about repairing and adapting to current situations. They are truly a miracle.

That means any exfoliant can work, right?¬†Other exfoliants we’ve tested are in an acidic solution. This is loaded with all sorts of chemicals and animal by-products. You’re exposing new skin cells to an acid. No wonder.

You’ll find any of our exfoliants (we make two for acne and one anti-aging scrub) are pH neutral. Loaded with all sorts of botancials. They make the skin feel wonderful. And our natural soap is alkaline. This helps to control bacteria naturally. Most soaps have to use an artficial bactericide to control bacteria. These chemicals are known to be hazardous to the body. True natural soap has been in use for thousands of years and is healthy for the skin.

Another benefit of exfoliating is the massaging action you do to your skin. This invigorates the facial muscles. One of the reasons men’s facial skin ages slower than women is the act of shaving forces us to use our facial muscles as we move them about to get to every part of our face to elimate the hair. Exfoliating helps but it is a good idea to work these facial muscles daily.

Remember: What you don’t use…you lose!!

I could also talk for hours about our anti-aging moisturizers and the nutrients in them. But you can read about them on our web site:

Rose Hip Anti-aging Cream

Regeneration: Our Anti-Aging Moisturizer for Acne Prone Skin

We hear wonderful stories all the time about how people are seeing not only clear skin, but younger skin using our products. What a great side effect!

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