Water Quality

For those not seeing results with our products. Or not getting completely clear. Maybe it is your water? Water is a product and water does vary around the country.

How would you describe your water? Hard? Do you see a lot of white stains in your shower? If so you have hard water.

We sometimes find that some of our regular customers who have used our product successfully have moved to a new town and find their skin reacts quite poorly to their new location. We know the only difference is their water. Sometimes these people are all of a sudden seeing major outbreaks (weather/humidity may play a role too).

Often getting a water softener or a shower filter solves this issue. I want to warn you, do not allow one of those companies to come into your home and “test” your water. They will try to sell you a water softener for thousands more than they are worth. Costco and Sears sell systems for much less. I prefer to go to one of the local water softener companies that maintain their own no name systems. They usually sell and install them much cheaper than Rainsoft or Culligan. These systems just aren’t that complicated. Though they do use salt in the system, they do not add salt to the water you drink.

Here is a link to a company that sells shower head filters that actually solves all of this.
Toll Free: 1-800-398-6735 (talk to Sheila)

First, try this test to see if this your issue:

Go to a grocery store and purchase two or three gallons of purified water. It might say Ozonated. Don’t get distilled water (it’s too acidic). Take a gallon into the shower with you and use it to do the last washing with the lathered up wash cloth and rinse with it. You’ll notice an immediate difference in how your skin feels. It might even feel like your skin isn’t clean. This is actually how your skin feels without the deposits of hard water on your skin. Squeaky clean really isn’t clean. You’ll get used to it.

In a few days, if you find out this is the reason our product wasn’t working, then a shower head filter should solve your problem. This really isn’t all that expensive. Don’t get a cheap one that is just carbon filter. Carbon won’t do it and it doesn’t work well with warm water. The company above makes several good ones. The key is getting your water to a pH neutral. So buy the one that they recommend for that.

Below are more details about the water that might affect your skin and your health.

Most municipal water systems in the USA have hard water. Hard water contains a lot of calcium. And other chemicals. It is “safe” but barely. One of my concerns is when you take a shower you are breathing in the water in vapor form. This means you are breathing chlorine. And whatever other chemicals are in there. This alone I believe is a good reason to shower in clean water!

Some local water systems are so acidic that it also affects how well our products work. All across the country water varies. It varies due where it comes from (usually a well or from a river) and how it is processed.

Some of the local water municipalities are in deep money trouble due to the economy. They are supposed to use chlorine. But chlorine is so expensive some municipal water companies are using ammonia to supplement the cleaning effect of the chlorine. Problem is, ammonia has some awful side effects and has been shown to harm people with weak immune systems. Another chemical being used is Chloramine. Your local water company is supposed to honestly tell you if Ammonia and Chloramine are in your water. Of course they will tell you that your water is safe. But it might be the real problem our product isn’t working very well for you.

Sheila (link above) will tell you that Dermatologists are recommending their filters as a solution to skin problems.

BONUS: Using purified water to shower in often helps your hair color to maintain better.


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