Body Acne

Instructions for Body Acne:

  1. Take two clean, dry wash cloths into the shower.
  2. Wash lightly just using your hands with the natural soap and rinse. This conditions the skin for our treatment.
  3. If you are doing your face and body, first scrub your face with your hands and rinse.
  4. Turn off the shower head and apply some of the treatment to a DRY wash cloth.
  5. Scrub for 30 seconds with the dry wash cloth and treatment. This will remove more dead skin cells and allow the treatment to get deeper into the skin. Don’t scrub so hard as to make the skin raw.¬†After a few treatments you will get a feel for how hard to scrub. This method also helps you cover more area with less of the treatment, to save money.
  6. Turn the shower back on, rinse, and then lather up the second clean wash cloth with the natural soap and wash thoroughly all treated areas. Rinse.

Any other time you wash just use our natural soap and a clean wash cloth.

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