*Quick Start Instructions

  1. In the shower or bath (not over the sink) lightly wash with the natural soap and your hands. This helps the treatment make better contact and helps condition for the next step. Rinse.
  2. Fill the middle of the palm of your hand with the scrub, rub your hands together and SCRUB about 30 seconds to a minute. Rinse. (after your acne is under control you can back off on how much you use)
  3. Use a fresh, clean wash cloth lathered up with the natural soap to wash the treated areas thoroughly. This is critically important. It will keep you from staining towels and help you see long term improvement.
  4. One more time a day wash the treated area with the natural soap. Over the sink with your hands is fine. Use the scrub only once a day.


  1. Always use a fresh clean wash cloth. Wet wash cloths from the last shower are a home for bacteria. If you just rinse or just use your hands to wash, then 6 months to a year from now you will be asking us why our product stopped working!
  2. Don’t use other acne or spot treatments or micro-dermabrasion cloths.
  3. Do your daily scrubbing in the shower, not over the sink.
  4. Don’t get frustrated. Some take 6 weeks or more to see clearing. This is a long term progressive solution. Not always a quick fix. Once it kicks in, if you follow the directions, it will work long term.
  5. Keep in contact with us if anything changes.


This method is probably too strong for your face where the skin is much thinner.

  1. Take two clean wash cloths into the shower.
  2. Wash lightly just using your hands with the Natural soap and rinse. This conditions the skin for our treatment.
  3. If you are doing your face and body, first scrub your face with your hands. Rinse.
  4. Turn off the shower head and apply some of the treatment to a DRY wash cloth. Scrub for 30 seconds with the dry wash cloth and treatment. This will remove more dead skin cells and allow the treatment to get deeper into the skin. Don’t scrub so hard as to make the skin raw. After a few a while you will get a feel for how hard to scrub. This method also helps you cover more area with less of the product – saving you money.
  5. Turn the shower head back on and rinse. Lather up the second wash cloth with the natural soap. Wash thoroughly all treated areas. Rinse.
  6. Any other time you wash just use our natural soap.
Avoid toothpaste with SLS – FreeDigitalPhotos.net

If you get canker sores in your mouth, this might be a sign you have an allergy to artificial soaps. We suggest you get a SLS free toothpaste. (Biotene or Closys II). Those that suffer from allergies to the SLS in toothpastes are also likely to be allergic to all liquid soaps including shampoos. If you get bumps around your scalp, try using our natural soap as a shampoo. Our soap works well and even conditions your hair if you leave it in for a few minutes. This allows the Shea and other emollients time to soften your hair.

Liquid foundations can sometimes cause acne. We recommend using a Mineral foundation with Mica as the primary ingredient. They usually have a sunscreen in them. We have a mineral foundation for acne prone skin on our web site. Our daytime moisturizer for acne prone skin works perfect under it.

Most moisturizers on the market are acidic and can counteract our product. We pH balance all of our moisturizers.

Sunscreens: Look for a lotion-free rub-on variety. Here are our sunscreen recommendations. 

Remember: Our goal is to get you clear. Don’t hesitate to email us. We answer all emails – usually the same day or next day. If we don’t answer you, we didn’t get your email. Email us again!

5 thoughts on “*Quick Start Instructions”

    1. I wouldn’t mix products. The primary reason is that our moisturizers are not acidic and don’t contain ingredients like dimethicone, parabens, fragrances and low quality, harsh ingredients. If you mix our products then you essentially are using those kind of ingredients commonly found in competitor’s products while using ours. We’d like you to give ours a chance alone and see how it works for your skin – Promise it’s not just a ploy to only try our products!

      BTW, we use burdock root tea in most of our products as we believe it really softens the skin.

  1. Long story short, my face has broken out like crazy with cystic acne right after I miscarried. I’m desperate and I saw your products on pinterest. I use the clairsonic and I’m wondering if your products will work with that?

    1. I believe I responded to you on the Facebook page about this. How are you liking the products? Are they working for you?

      Have you went back to Clairsonic?

  2. Hi,

    I normally use a Clarisonic Plus for my face and body. How should I use this with your facial cleanser? Thanks!

    – Madeline

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