What Else?

What else can I do to get my skin clear?

I know you’re in a hurry for clear skin. A lot of people of course, want what for some is impossible. Immediate results that continue forever. Most of our new customers have tried just about everything and have a lot of damage to overcome from stay on the skin ointments. We have to keep reminding people that their skin is out of balance and it just takes time with our products for your skin to return to a healthy state of balance. Following the directions is critically important.

So what else can you do?

Getting rid of acne is a serious change in your life. Make absolutely certain that is what you want. How can I say that? Who would want acne? Some people revel in their misery. Your body is an incredibly powerful machine. Constantly renewing itself. It is a scientific fact that we create and replace so many new cells in our bodies, that we are almost a completely new person every few years.

Our brain and subconscious mind control our body. In order to be healthy we have to eat the right things and think the right thoughts. Stop thinking right now you have acne. Truly see yourself with clear smooth skin.

I have a good friend who was diagnosed with brain cancer. They operated on him but were unable to remove all of it. After analyzing the type of cancer they told him this was a very fast growing variety (the exact same one that killed Ted Kennedy). He asked about any support groups. The doctors said no one lives long enough to start one. They said if he lived longer than six months he would be a vegetable. They went ahead with the chemotherapy. But his prognosis was poor.

He made a decision, at that moment he got the bad news he wasn’t going to follow their script. He removed every bit of stress from his life! He decided to only think positive and happy thoughts. Every day was a gift. He lived in the moment. He visilized his cancer to be gone. Six months came and he was still kicking. I asked him what the doctors say. He laughed (he does that a lot) and said when he visits the doctor he just shakes his head in amazement. The cancer is there, but not growing. He doesn’t talk about his cancer. In fact I’d be willing to bet he doesn’t even think about it. He lived for six more years, one of the longest ever with that type of cancer.

We are the master of our bodies. If we constantly think negative thoughts. Worry and think about our illnesses then we are telling our bodies we are sick. It is vitally important you see yourself as healthy and be happy. Live in the moment. Stop right now visiting acne web sites. Stop thinking about yourself as having acne. Visulize yourself with clear skin. Don’t just say you want clear skin. See yourself with clear skin. Imagine looking in the mirror and seeing the skin you’ve always wanted.

Read The Power of the Subconscious Mind by Dr. Joseph Murphy and you will see much of what I am talking about.

I firmly believe our mental attitude affects us in a real physical way. So I am asking you to start visualizing your new life without acne. Mumbo jumbo, maybe, but what can it hurt? Here’s what Dr. Murphy suggests for best results. Right before dropping off to sleep at night simply visualize yourself with clear healthy skin. Make it as real as possible. Imagine people commenting on how nice your skin is. The more you can do this the better.

This, it is believed, activates your subconscious to assist your body in clearing your skin. Our subconscious plays an important role in regulating all our bodily functions. Including those automatic functions like our heart beat and breathing. It is why you don’t have to be reminded to breathe. Those that constantly think negative thoughts can send the wrong signals to their subconscious. Top athletes know how important thinking positive thoughts are to their training and performance. Before competing they visulize themselves winning their event. My son has been a long distance runner since grade school. A top runner in high school and college. When I mentioned these books to him he just laughed. He said “what do you think I told myself every time I lined up to race?” He already knew the secret.

What we think and how we think can affect the health of our body. Hope this helps.

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