Here are some video reviews uploaded by some of our customers. You can see the whole review channel here.

Here’s a compilation of reviews:

Pros: Why do I love this product so much? It’s simple and natural. I’ve been using this product for almost two years now and it works just as amazing as it did the first time. I used to use harsher products that worked against my acne in a forceful way. This product, however, works with my skin. The simplicity of it does not irritate my skin. It is like an exfoliator, which is a plus. The beads are not too harsh either to irritate your skin.
Cons: It takes a week to get used to. But thats all part of the process
Bottom line: This product has been AMAZING for me. Ironically the oils in the product have rejuvenated and softened my skin. The secret is using the right oils your skin needed. I’m so glad that this product properly informed me about what really is good/bad for the skin. Do not be alarmed by the pricing either. The bottle lasts you 3-4 months. That’s equivalent to buying a cheap acne product at a regular store: about $5-6 a month. Usually acne products that are at regular stores are about $8-$10. This product, in the long run, is actually cheaper than buying an off the shelf product for 3-4 months. Your paying $20 rather than roughly $27. –Juliana, San Jose, CA

I ordered some of your products a couple months ago and was so impressed I felt compelled to thank you. I am currently using the acne treatment scrub in conjunction with the Day and Night Moisturizers, as well as the Tamanu Cream for old scars. I am 34 and suffer from mild hormonal acne, but with my fair, aging skin they take forever to heal which would wind up causing a scar or a spot. Your system has cleared up my acne about 95% and I am extremely pleased. Thank you for your time, your wonderful products, and for the help you offer those of us who would prefer to age naturally and gracefully. –Andrea

I am 46 years old and have been fighting acne my whole life. It has become worse as I age. I have been using your product for almost 2 weeks and I am very pleased. There is a big improvement in the breakouts. The little ones that do occur go away very quickly. My skin is much softer and much of the redness has faded. It feels wonderful!
Most of all, I no longer dread leaving the house!!
I’ll send another report at the 6-week mark. –Melissa

Ive been using it for a couple of years now, its the only thing that gets my sensitive acneskin clear and soft. Some of my friends are using it on my recommendation and they are loving how it works –roosjenr1, Netherlands

Everyone one should try it…I’ve given it to my mom and brother as Christmas gifts. You have to give it a few months of dedication and stay away from other products. But once it’s routine it’s very easy to keep up with. –Campbell88, Virginia

I have been a customer for years and am very happy with the soap and the Clear and Smooth Acne Treatment. They have specials from time to time, so I listed the “price paid” as an average for a month of cleanser + soap + shipping on my last order. -Logan, NC

I started with the regular strength in college and switched to the “Industrial strength” when that wasn’t quite doing the job for me. I am now a pregnant 27 year old, and my skin has honestly never been clearer. I know a lot of my acne was due to hormonal causes, so I was expecting my skin to get worse with pregnancy (as my sister’s had). The cleanser + all natural soap duo has been the only thing to ever work with me.
I am a pharmacist and I recommend this product to people who come into my store looking for something when nothing else seems to work. The 5% wash is the same strength as the 5% prescription wash you can get in the pharmacy – plus it’s cheaper and you don’t need to visit a doctor to get it!! As with any benzoyl peroxide product, it has PEROXIDE in it, so it can and WILL bleach towels. I just usually use white wash clothes and light colored towels and I haven’t had a problem with it -well worth it to have clear skin!
I buy 3 items at a time so I can get the 4th product free. I keep 1 bottle in the shower with me, which usually lasts about 3-4 months. I place the other bottles that I’m not using in the fridge to help preserve their potency. This system has allowed me to order ~ once a year, and I’ve never noticed any difference in the bottles I pull from the fridge vs. the one I use right away when it’s shipped.
Bottom line: I’ve been using Carley’s for over 7 years, and I hope they never stop making it. I’d hate to have to find another product that works, smells great, and is relatively inexpensive over the course of a year. –Erienne, Baltimore, MD

This is a great product. I am wanting to get sublative laser done but was told that my acne had to be under control first. I thought I would cry because I had already spend the money for the laser and have never been able to control my acne. I used what the office sold me and there was no change. Carley’s was a last chance for me. I have seen this product a lot but thought it was a scam. I was to a point where I was desperate. I am so glad now that I ordered. I have my first laser treatment next week and I am so excited. Their discoloration and scar treatment has helped with the pigmentation also. –julienichole, Indianapolis, IN

This product works, and good luck finding something that treats KP, because I’ve tried it all! Give this around weeks to see REAL results. Remember your pores are going to naturally purge any remaining bacteria that’s deep down when you first use this, so a few breakouts are natural. After that, you’ll be impressed. Patience is the key. :)) –Karen, Texas

This stuff works like nothing I’ve ever tried…better than any Rx or OTC meds –gooddealsfromjuliann

Repeat customer. I keep returning to this product. Nothing works as well. Buyer: misclindi
Amazing product. Life time customer! Super fast reasonable shipping. THANK YOU!  –fafrine

Actually, I bought this for my daughter Dawn. This is my third or fourth order from you guys and now practially my whole family is using your product. I am 62 years old and have had acne since I was 10. I have rosacea now. I have literally tried everything in the book for my skin and nothing has ever worked. I have drawers full of cleansing solutions, toners, masks, mud, you name it. I have been on dermatologists in many states. Not one of them has done for my face what your’s has. Even my friends and family have commented on it. Not only is my face clearer, it appears more youthful and healthy. I am grateful to have found your product. Bless you! -Glenda

Pros this stuff actually succeeded where many more expensive products failed! It cleared up my severe acne and keeps it clear. It doesn’t dry my skin out like P brand did and my skin has a kind of glow to it now. The price is soooo reasonable too!
Cons You may not see results instantly but persist and you will be so happy you did. It took my skin approx 3 weeks to adjust and then wow what wonderful results.
Bottom line I have been telling all my friends about Carlys clear and smooth and am finding this works for them as well when nothing else would.
They also send natural soap and samples of other products with the orders. The soap is wonderful for shaving legs and for washing hair! Recently I tried a sample of their new cream for scars and I saw incredible differences overnight. Not only is my acne gone now but my scars too. I never thought I would see the day I didn’t have to wear any makeup! THANK YOU CARLYS!! -Jayne

This note came 12/16/2010
First I want to say I have waited 4 weeks to give feedback to really see how this product would work. It has been 4 weeks since my daughter started using the Face wash and soap and nothing else. My daughter is 21 and has battled moderate to almost severe acne since she was 14. We have spent thousands of dollars on dermatologist and the only thing we never tried was accutane for obvious reasons. This past Fall was one of the worst break outs my daughter suffered. She is a nursing student and the stress sent her over. Her face had all types of acne. My heart was breaking. I tried buying more over the counter stuff and tried all kinds of soap. I happened to stumble on this on EBay. I thought why not try it..nothing to lose…Well let me say I will NOT be asking for a refund and will be ordering more. My daughters face well not perfectly clear has cleared at least 80 percent. And her skin tone is beautiful! I don’t know why this stuff is not on TV. Blows *roactiv away! THANK YOU! –psalm1391

A follow-up came 12/30/10
I am the one that wrote you about my 21 year old daughter who is a nursing student. FYI she is about 9o% clear now 🙂 anyway getting ready to order more and i love it so much i want to order a bottle for myself. i love the way it makes my skin feel. i am 47 and i do have occasional acne but its not bad. would it be ok if i ordered the industrial stuff too or should i order the other less strong one ? i really love the industrial one but don’t want to do overkill. Let me know what you think? Thanks. p.s. have you ever thought about QVC ? your product is so amazing the world should know but i would hate to see your prices change 🙁 –psalm1391

Pros: IT WORKED FOR ME! It only took a week for me to be pimple free! It’s easy to use and it’s the ONLY product I use! They even throw in free samples of things with every shipment I’ve gotten 🙂
Cons: You must use it in the shower. The natural soap doesn’t last very long, and I have to order it, so I ordered 5 more bars.
Bottom line: I could NOT get my skin under control after I stopped taking birth control. I had flawless porcelain skin for a few years and I didn’t take advantage of it at alllll. Once I started getting really bad acne I didn’t want to show my face anymore, embarrassed because of how perfect it used to be. It started getting oily, if I wanted to go out after work I had to wash my face and redo my make up. It seemed every morning I had a new pimple and blackheads all for days. I tried everything I could without going to a dermatologist, Cetaphil was as close as I could get to help me. 4 years with this frustrating routine! Then I came on here and found the reviews for this, I’m all about natural things so I crossed my fingers hoping for a miracle. Let me tell you, ONE week later and my skin is almost perfect again! I switched to mineral make up (Lucy’s Minerals <3) and this stuff, I have used NOTHING else but my usual moisturizer under my make up! Less really is more guys! You HAVE to use it exactly as directed which is easy enough 🙂 I know that it wont work for everyone, but it sure is worth a try!
Ps- I have never written a review about anything but I had to share my success 🙂 –KG123

This is the only thing that has ever really worked for my acne, without drying out and killing layers of my skin. I’m 43 and still struggle with acne now and then, worse during that one week per month. I’ve tried everything from antibiotics to straight rubbing alcohol and/or peroxide. The highly medicated options kill layers of my skin, making things look better for a few days, after it all peels away, and then the acne starts up again.

Clear and smooth exfoliates the cells I don’t need, opens up my pores, disolves the oils creating blockages, and allows my skin to breathe and feel softer, never tight and dry. The all natural oils and ingredients keep my skin feeling healthy and supple. Other cleansers and acne regimens made my skin feel burned and damaged, leaving me with peeling skin and dry wrinkles over the newly formed blemishes. Clear and Smooth heals, smooths, stimulates, moisturizes and cleans away dirt and bacteria.

The scent of natural essential oils is soothing and pleasant, not medicinal or harsh like other chemical based treatments. This is the best option -Megynn

Thank you so much for making your wonderful products! I just ordered more and I can finially say I feel comfortable in my skin. I never wore much makeup, but i never felt good unless I had it on to cover everything. Thank you for making me feel so good about myself! Thank you so much! –Mistib25

Three people in my home use it. My daughter, 37, my grandson 16, and me, 61. Its the only thing we have tried in years of using products, that has helped. Now my 8 year old granddaughter wants to use it because it makes her skin feel smooth so she says. since she has no acne, i wont waste a drop on her, we need it.-Bonnie

Customer’s note: I had bad acne for maybe six years, and even after it started to clear up some, my skin still looked raw and shiny. Once I started using your acne wash, I was able to end the other treatments I was using. Since I’ve been using the acne wash — maybe three years now — my skin has improved so much that I consistently get enthusiastic compliments from strangers (and friends 🙂 ) on how beautiful my skin is. Thank you!
PS Please don’t ever go out of business. I tried to stop using your product but my acne came back!

I love this product! I am totally hooked and have recommended this product to many of my friends who struggle with unwanted acne! I was starting to become desperate for a solution and then I found you guys! Thanks for giving me back my confidence to face the world face first!

Customer’s note: I’ve tried expensive solutions, prescriptions, and physicians’ treatments, but nothing has given me results like Carley’s! A sorority sister of mine suggested the product to me and now our entire chapter can’t get enough of it! Thank you for a fabulous product–what a wonderful confidence-booster!

Thank you so much for making and selling the first product I’ve ever tried that really, really works on my acne!


hey guys just want to say the skin treatment is going AMAZING! never thought i would see the day when my skin would clear up and be nicely moisturized and not dry. I absolutely love it and hope the routine continues to work for years to come.

thanks, john

I don’t have a question, just wanted to simply express
how WONDERFUL ALL your products are! The moisturizers are
wonderful for acne prone skin and the mineral make-up is
the BEST on the market- it covers everything you need it
to and has the most color choices to find a perfect match!
Anyone considering trying these products should absolutly
do it. I’ve been hooked for years and am always more than
satisfied with every product I use. Thank you for a
superb product. –Heather, NC

Hi, I’m a long time customer of yours, and I’ve been in dire need of your products, I’ve sent the payment through paypal already, so hopefully shipping will be prompt as usual. Thanks again for these amazing products, please stay in business forever!!

This product is so awesome i always try to show it to all my friends and give them the samples u send me. So far 2 of them have loved and bought it.. I was a beauty control consultant and so i have alot of friends who care about the products that work! and we all thought nothing was better than beauty control untill I had bad breakouts and turned to carlys clear and smooth, and now Im turning the world on to it..There is really nothing better. Needless to say i quit beauty control and have been using carlys for almost 3 yrs and still love it.. Thankyou –Sonia

It’s really great product. I just love it –emperor-ii

Are you kidding? I’ve used this for years. NOTHING BETTER! –fabey-baby

I let myself run out for the first time in years – bad idea! My skin is a MESS! Can’t wait to get my cleanser back! –Cara

I have been using the facewash since I was in 8th grade and had TERRIBLE acne… I tried Proactive and ALL the store brands. I was just about to go on Acutane when I read about all the terrible side effects… and then we found you guys on ebay! You were an answer to my prayers. I am now 24 years old. It has been ten years and your products have never let me down. THANKYOU!!! –Megan

A friend gave us samples of the soap, acne scrub and creams and they have worked wonders for my daughter. Even better then any prescription her doctor has given her. Thank you for changing her life. –Michelle

Hi dear, thank you for asking, it’s looking great! I have never had acne but I’ve always had black heads and large pores on and around my nose, and FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE my pores are clean and much less visible. The kick ass acne treatment is for a close friend of mine I work with, he does have acne and I am just trying to find him something really good. And the new bottle of Smooth and Clear is for a girlfriend of mine at work who says my skin looks great and she would like to try the product.
The eye cream is great too, sooooo non-irritating, very nice!!!
I’ll get my bottle of Smooth and Clear soon as well.
Have a wonderful day!!!!!!!! –Lilla

I absolutely love the Clear and Smooth Acne products – and nothing else has ever worked for me. Your products leave my sensitive, acne
prone skin clearer and healthier looking than ever! And at age 43 that’s saying a lot! –Megan H.

Hi! I’ve been using your acne line with great results.
I’ve run out of the soap (bar) and just reordered 3 bars,
so I’m never out again! I’ve gone 2 days substituting
Cetaphil cleanser (prior to and after cleansing with
scrub), but have already found my skin acting up a little.
Any suggestions as to what I can do/use until my bars
arrive?? I just don’t want my skin to regress.
Thanks! –Karrie

Hi Steve, I am a big fan of your products especially the soap. I am now using it from head to toes. I am not joking when I am saying that because I also use your soap as shampoo. I shampoo my hair everyday and the products I used drying my scalp. I thought if it gets rid of the acne, it should help with the bumps on my scalp from being too dry. I am now hooked and would like to reccommend you bottle it !!!! My mother is here visiting from Bangkok, Thailand since May and is now hooked with the soap. She wants to know whether we can buy it in wholesale price. Please let me know what is the minimum?? She wants me to tell you if possible, she would like you to cut one soap in 2 bars lengthwise as it is too thick for her to hold, she has arthritis. She is going back in November and would like to take it with her. We are living in the hot climate, my brothers and nephews are suffering with severe acne. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. –Jintana S., RN, BSN

Great. I really appreciate it. By the way, I sell Obagi and have used everything under the sun for my acne and this is the only product that had worked. LH
Amazing product! Works as promised! Thank you! –d_marie

Great product! This stuff is THE BEST out there! Fast ship…great transaction –amyri

This is the third time we ordered it! Having great results! You need to try it! –jim-buff

My daughter loves it and she’s an adult??? 30 🙂 –sassyfrassy85

Been using now for about 3 years!! Love it and will never leave it!! Thanks!! –filimentation

It just works, better than any Rx and for a great price..thx for the extras too!  –markny2001

Cannot use anything else, best product, awesome seller, fast shipping! A+++ –bbodziony

Seeing and feeling my skin improve every day.Wonderful products.Thanks so much! –ravengrimm1

Nothing but this worked on cystic acne on back and face! I cant thank you enough –sexyrobear

Cysitic acne on face and back caused by birth control. Product is WORKING!! –sexyrobear

My 3rd order! SUPER fast everytime~ONLY took 2 days to receive it! WORKS GREAT!! –starseller3872

Item is amazing! Works great just as described! –geminigirl1972

the boy – tried everything – little or no results – THIS STUFF IS WORKING!!! –perplexed2

This REALLY works! After 2 wks my face is really clear! Better than Proactive!!! –myepiphani

Great transaction. 5th purchase from this seller. Love this stuff!!! –nataliem040474

ALWAYS a great experience, i love the products and the condition of my skin. 🙂 –laborn66

Working great for my 10yr old daughter and we have tried everything!! Thank you! –srbutler01

Love your products! I don’t think I’ll ever use anything else! Thank you so much –mmmchocolatte

very fast shipping best price for a acne solution that is working great. –joelnickpicinich

Super fast shipping- product is fantastic so far, leaves skin SOO soft!! Thank u –brittneyarlint

best stuff ever –dropthedoughnut

so pleased, my fourth buy –norwegianteacher

always the best, it keeps my acne controlled. the best on the market. –noob313

WOW!! miracle product. for the 1st time in 25 years, not 1 pimple on my face –boutique*smiles

I’ve been fighting acne for 40 years…looks like We are winning!  –gww_59

excellent product, love this seller,even did a follow up note, loved it –viper1230_1

Definitly worth it! It’s been three weeks, and Looking so much better! Thanks! –mandysmightynaturals

Love this stuff! works a charm! repeat buyer. 🙂 Very happy –darcyfitz


Truly a JOY-I said JOY to be a customer of. Samples make it extra legendary. –jadaq

WOW! This is awesome. Great job clearing up acne quickly. –monkeybuttsmom

WOW this staff is GREAT! it helps for real.. Thanks u soo much A++++++++++++++++  –saleens705

the best product available! –goobay94

A+seller the product is great and it works I had really bad acne well buy again –extacyblade-2008

this stuff is awesome works everytime thanks!!! –avilamontoya

AAA Excellent Product! Only Product that’s worked for me – It works! –golflakeside

It’s the only thing that works for me…now the ladies love me !!!! –rhample

I’ve been buying from C & S for over 5 years. They even throw in free stuff A+++ –tautog

Off and on user. Am staying ON. Forehead cleared up in 3 days this time! –punkin626

Been a customer for over 10 yrs, this stuff really works! Thanks Steve! A+++ –diva316

This seems to be helping my 18 y.o.’s acne — we are thrilled! Thanks! –donnandjim

Already my face feels great! cant wait to see what its like in a couple weeks! –sntmjfan62509

bought this for my three teens again! results are great!!Buyer: jim-buff
Lightning-like, quick shipping. It’s an amazingly effective acne-ending product. –loring96

awesome product – better results than 5 years worth of dermatologist visits –donnybones1212

5th re-order, great stuff! –rooster6978

OMG! This stuff kicked my teen’s 3-year-old acne problem in a week! You Rock! –aaronabbycats

I love ALL!!!! of the products!!!! MY skin looks so healthy!!! WIll order again! –4138laurie

So far it’s working great! =) Will most likely buy some for my sister. –mmmchocolatte

Good stuff. Leaves your skin soft and clear. –baguettegina

Good stuff, helping my teen girls with their breakout problems will buy again. –jennc19992

First class product as well as service! I will continue to be a repeat customer! –camcam04

Fast Shipping Awesome Product! it cleared up my skin completely in 3 weeks! –lunsol_29

1 week and my skin already looks better! –wings4mel13

been using this for years. Works wonder on my skin. Great seller! –ivycoolname

Best product I have ever used!! –tabitha2226

Fast shipping…great service as always….repeat cunstomer..will be back again –3jjjays

As always, quick shipping and great product – fan from Ontario Canada 🙂 –baskadin

Been using it for years, great product, super fast shipping, A++++Buyer:
all i can say is WOW.after 1 wk my skin in nearly dry redness either –sadiegirl6697

perfect ! amazing as always !!! best products Iv ever used 🙂 –katieguidry2009

Great stuff! Using for over 2 years now…love it! Quick shipping! –mitchelsue

Great products, fast shipping, very satisfied long time customer –bubba0214j

This product does what it says…my face is completely clear! –juliekitten

Working wonders for my skin after just one week. Skin feels super smooth –sandravister09

The best stuff out there anywhere…seriously. –suzanneclaire

great service and product. i am starting to see my face again instead of acne. –81477

Better than Proactiv & Clinique–I now have the best skin of my life! Thank you! –hist_man

looking better w time. not perfect yet but better than other treatments so far. –canyon_162

Teen son swears by this product. Awesome Seller! –sunkisstanningsalon

Let me start off by saying your product is simply AMAZING. I adore it and it has saved my skin. I model and do lots of “All natural” magazine work and now after using your product for just under 2 months no longer have to worry about airbrushing my blemishes away! Simply amazing!
That said, I am wondering if there is a chance for a rush or sooner than 5 day estimated delievery avail? I will be working in Charleston SC on a shoot for over a week and forgot my bottle of product at the last hotel! (it was time to reorder anyway, but still v sad!)
If this is not possible, I totally understand. However if there is an option of getting the product shipped to my secure address sooner(I have a verified ebay ship address in Charleston) I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to do it!
Please let me know!
THanks SO much!!!

Pros Works well, maintenance is great, takes very little product for it to work, inexpensive, natural ingredients
Cons Burns a little if you don’t get it completely washed off (but if you follow directions exactly this isn’t a problem). Also really keep it away from eyes.
Bottom line This stuff really does work for all 3 acne-sufferers in our house. We used it, it seemed to work, and then I thought maybe it was coincidence, so we stopped for a while. BOOM, acne again. We ordered more, restarted the program (it’s important to follow it exactly, it’s not hard though) and it cleared up again. WE LOVE this stuff & we love that it’s relatively inexpensive and the ingredients are very natural… no parabens, artificial fragrances, etc. It also takes so little to work, a bottle can last one person up to 6 months, I’d say. HIGHLY RECOMMEND this product. Shipping is great too because if you get it off ebay, each additional bottle you buy is free shipping.
Recommended Yes
Price paid $19.00
Acne severity moderate

I’m a 30yr old African American woman.My acne became a problem when I graduated from college.I would get cystic acne around my jaw area & some on my cheeks.I also would get little white heads all over.I used so many products to treat it, prescription & non prescription that just irritated my skin.I found Carley’s clear&smooth & was very skeptical b/c of all the great reviews.I decided to give it a try.The customer service is A+!They answered all of my questions promptly.As for the product, I followed the directions exactly, & I saw & felt a difference after the 1st use!These are the results that I experienced after 1-2 weeks: Tighter pores,Dark spots faded,Acne GONE COMPLETELY,Smoother skin,Improved clarity,Softness,No scaley/flakey/dry/tightness,Skin calmed,Healed.I have never in my life experienced a product like this.Not to mention, they gave me lots of samples, which led me to make another purchase of the mask, moisturizer, and foundation. They have a life long customer in me!



BTW: I want to take this minute to express how wonderful your product is. My daughters are very acne prone. We’ve tried various products, including PROACTIVE, which only made their acne worse. Since we found your product, we swear by your product, so we have sent a treatment to a niece in Mexico. Her acne was so bad, that she started falling into a depression & isolating herself from her friends. Upon hearing this, we ordered your product for her to try. She couldn’t be happier now. She acne greatly improved & is social again with her friends. SHE’S SO GRATEFUL FOR YOUR PRODUCT!!!! Thank you again.
Item as described. 3rd time ordering. Great company. Great product! Buyer:
nikky1721 ( 8 )
FABULOUS!Acne completely GONE IN 8 DAYS.Dermotologist OK’D product.THANK YOU! Buyer:
ajkuk ( 275 [Feedback score is 100 to 499] )
8 days is not common. About 1/3 will see results in 1 to 2 weeks. another 1/3 will see results in 2 to 4 weeks and the last 1/3 are the ones who have used ointments and spot treatments the most. They will take a good 4 to 6 weeks to see results. some even longer. it is well worth the wait!

Best facewash on the planet, hands down! Always get compliments on my skin now! Buyer: frankiescalzi ( 139 )

Dear clearandsmooth,
My Clear and Smooth package arrived safely today.
My order was a second or third time order, as I’ve had amazing results from your products. At the store a few months ago, I ran into a friend I hadn’t seen in a couple of years. She came up from behind me, and when I turned around to face her, she gasped, and said “Oh my word! You’re beautiful! Look at your skin!!”.
Thank you, too, for your courteous communication. I really appreciate knowing when my order has shipped.
Have a great day! . . . . . . Lisa
I’m 32 years old and have had always that off and on acne. Some days my skin would look decent and other days I wouldn’t want to even walk out of the house because I thought I looked “ugly”. I’ve spent hundreds on high-end treatments, prescriptions and drugstore brands over the years, but nothing works like Carley’s. This stuff is amazing and consistent. Wash with the soap, then wash with the exfoliator (be gentle though) and then wash again with the soap and you are done. I also use the anti-aging night cream which is fantastic. I’ve been using Carley’s for about 3 months now and I am consistently clear and my skin is starting to have a glow to it that I haven’t seen in a very long time…without any makeup! I love also that it is a natural, safe product and you are not adding toxins or potentially harmful chemicals into your system. It makes me feel good knowing I am using a safe product. Carley’s is fantastic and I will be ordering for years to come!
Anonymous, Washington DC

First, let me be another customer contacting you to thank you. I have severe rosacea. Not only was my face red constantly it had raw irritated bumps. I have tried so many products and nothing has worked. I had to stop using anything on my face because even the gentlest cleansers were irritating. I started using your product about a year ago. My skin is healthy and glowing. I do use omega 3 and 6 oils internally as well but had been using them prior to your product. Although the oil helps, there is no doubt your product was what healed my skin. When I stop it for any length of time the rosacea starts to return other wise I enjoy clear, non-irritated skin.
I am a massage therapist here in Oregon where many people suffer from rosacea. I would love to have a few bottles to offer to people. I thought I would hang a before and after picture of my skin next to a shelf of your product. Do you offer a discount buying in bulk quanitity?
Again, thank you so much,
I use the soap teen kickass scrub and the day time moisturizer. My skinis restored and dewy looking after use. Even if I miss using it I am still clear! unlike other products I have used this really heals your skin. Even my 12 year old is acne free thanks to this. I was taking her to the derm and they had her on antibiotics and cream but she still had bad breakouts. Now she is clear and very happy! This has changed my life I can now wear whatever I want and not worry about my back or chest having ugly scars and acne on it. I am ACNE FREE now.
curlybella27, brooklyn,NY

Pros: Nice clean smell. Very easy to use. Natural and not harsh. Not many steps like major brands. Actually works. Bottle lasts me about 3 months, so it is definitely worth the price!
Cons: None!
Bottom Line: I absolutely love this product! Right when I started using it, my face improved so much. I took a picture of myself before Kick A$$, now I look back at it and I can’t even believe how much my face has improved. It is amazing! This product should be called more than just Kick A$$. It should be called BAD A$$, because that is exactly what it is!
Emily, Seattle, Washington

I thank you for your awesome products! I am 43. For the first time since I was 12, I have clear skin. Not only do I have clear skin, but “pretty skin”. In the last 30 years, I have tried “natural remedies”, over the counter remedies, prescriptions, and informercial products.
I was immediately pleased with how Carley’s took away the redness in my skin and decreased my pore size. It took about six weeks to clear my acne. Now my skin looks and feels so healthy. I look forward to using the products each day..
I had my teenage son try this also. Within two weeks, his skin cleared and the redness is gone. It is hard to believe that his acne was so bad.
This product is truely fabulous.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Carla bought 10 bottles last November. most people get 3 to 4 months out of a bottle.
I am deployed in Iraq right now and had my year supply of Industrial strength clear and smooth and a bunch of people bought the 8 bottles off of me cause everyone’s skin is either dry or broken out from this place. Clear and smooth is the new crack over here. If u sent extra samples and i throw them in a box for people in the Tactical Operations Center you could be getting a ton of customers soon. I just want to say thanks for keeping my skin looking good for almost 4 years.


I also wanted to say ‘thank you’ again for developing this line. I am 35 and had clear skin all throughout my youth. But then, seemingly, overnight my face turned into what looked like a general plague area. I tried it ALL! Proactiv, dermatologist prescribed methods, etc. I just stumbled upon this while desperately combing the internet for a solution.
You rock!

this person started the end of October and posted this feedback on ebay.
This stuff works better than ANYTHING my dermatologist has prescribed! Buyer: kandi*dee ( 88 )

Claudia ‘tested’ our lotion against a popular natural moisturizer.
Dear Steve,
I really love the natural soap that you make.I am a fan of natural products and I have tried a few natural soap before like Dr Bronner and Olivella.I dont like the Dr Bronner bar soap and I really don’t understand why it gets such good reviews because it made my skin so dry that I had to apply lotion after my shower.Olivella is pretty good but it is still a bit drying in winter.I always have a theory that if you need to have a soap that makes you feel clean,you need to compromise with the dryness.However,I am very impressed with your soap since it makes me feel so clean and moisturzing when I use it on my face and body.Now I need to tell you how much I love about the day time moisturizer for prone skin.I did a little experiment over your product and the burt’s bees ageless serum.The burt’s bees serum gets a very high rating on and it costs 25 dollars for 0.4 oz which is expensive for natural products.I applied 2 products on different hands and then wash my hands twice.The hand has your lotion on was still very moisturizing and smooth so basically I felt the lotion sank into my skin and the other became very dry after the second wash.I am just giving you a way of how wonderful your prducts are.I can finally stop searching for any more natural products for my skin.I have found everything I need and I will get you updated of the eye cream and night cream at a later time.I am so lucky to find your store on ebay….Thanks so much for keeping the price low and super quality.


Hi Steve,
Our family’s skin suffers from eczema, allergies (hence the installation of the water purification system), acne, and dry skin. We tried everything available over the counter to treat our skin issues… soaps, lotions, scrubs, prescription medications and nothing worked. After only a few days of using your products our skin was clear and hydrated. A few weeks ago, we ran out of your soap and scrub. We had some soap sitting in the garage that was included with our new water purification system. We started using it until I could reorder. Before I knew it several weeks had gone by and I still had not ordered. Surely, you know what I’m going to say next. My skin was not looking good anymore; uneven, ruddy, dull, dry, and itchy. Also, my husband and children had begun complaining about flare-ups, not being able to sleep at night because of the itching, and they asked me to reorder today. Okay… let’s be honest about this… they DEMANDED I place the order today. It was clear reminder to me that nothing compares to your products because, nearly four years later, we still can not live without them. We are grateful for all of your hard work making these products that help so many of us!

Jennifer M.
Note: I love your products. I have used them for several years now and the results are wonderful. I’ve had acne all my life and your products really, really work! Thank you!

Dear clearandsmooth,
I just wanted to say….that Saturday night I ordered your original clear and smooth acne treatment. Not only do I love the treatment after using it only two times. I let my husband, who is a mechanic, try the bar soap for his face. He was so impressed by the way it got the grease out, without over drying, that I’m now ordering the 5 bar package for him to use. I’m sure I will be reordering again in the future! Thank you!
– meganl3985

Dear clearandsmooth,
Good Morning! I am actually SPEECHLESS!! I have been using this product just like the directions say for 3 days today!! I am SHOCKED! My face is 10x better!! I am also a licensed cosmetologist so I know a good bit about skin care.. This is my FAR the BEST product I have EVER come into contact with. It does not dry my skin out and has really balanced my skin as well. I am not oily in the T zone at all!! I LOVE IT!! Thank you so much!!
– newboobies

Dear clearandsmooth,
Thank you for your wonderful product. I have been using this for three weeks now and my skin is improving. I havn’t had my skin this nice in years. I am a customer for life!
– fuzzchicken
Thanks! I’ve been using your product consistently since 2001. I couldn’t remmeber my login info and have since changed my email address. I was browsing on ebay & came across your auction & remember that I was getting low. It’s a great product. Thanks again!


Customer Note: Hurry, hurry… I’ve been out for a couple of weeks.
LOVE this stuff:)


Customer Note: Your products are awesome. I am a return customer and think that this may be a life long love affair with your stuff. Your quick shipments make the products even better. Thanks again!!
Customer Note:
I have been happier with your anti-acne products than I have with anything else I have tried in the past 18 years. I love the soap too and my whole family uses it. We all have very sensitive skin, but no problem with any of your products. Thank you.
Note: Thank you for developing effective, affordable, and socially responsible products! I have struggled with acne for years; dermatologists made me miserable. I have been using your skin treatment for 4 months and have seen great improvement! Every few weeks my boyfriend tells me that my skin looks clearer, smoother, radiant. I am extremely grateful and no longer dread leaving the house. I am excited to try your other products! Thanks again!
Note: Thank you so much for making such a great product! I started using it this spring and my skin has been clear since the 3rd week. I have recommended your products to friends already!


3 dermatologists and 100s in RXs couldn’t do this for me! my skin looks amazing! Buyer: dollfinjc (120Feedback is 100 to 499)
Customer Note: this is the best acne product out there.
i’m never using anything else again.

I am only on my second day but I had to write anyway….this stuff is nothing short of AMAZING!! I cannot believe the way it makes my skin feel. It feels like silk instead of like reading braille. I am noticing that the acne that I had it diminishing and no new ones have cropped up. My skin feels tight as if I just had a face lift!!! It also appears as though my pores are getting smaller. After use treatment and wash my face with the awesome soap, I find myself waiting impatiently until I can wash it again!!

I will write another testimonial after a few weeks to update on how I am doing then.

Thank you so much for making such a fabulously simple product!


Thanks so much for this product. I started using too soon before my wedding for it to make a big difference, but now that I’m mostly through the first bottle my skin looks better than ever before. I get the periodic tiny pimple, but nothing like before and the scars from the old acne are even clearing up. I have much higher self confidence since using your product because I don’t have to constantly fear that my makeup is going to rub off and expose my skin – I barely wear makeup anymore! Just thought you might like to know.
Thanks again!

Hey there! I got BOTH packages and as you can see, I’ve ordered yet more of the soap and the kick **s treatment! After years of paying a fortune for medications for my two teens and having NO results, I figured I’d give this a shot. I am ecstatic as are my teenagers! My son had severe cystic acne and I looked at him the other day and he has cleared up immensely! Same goes for my daughter! Their self esteem has risen a ton due to your product!!! I just gave my friend a bottle and told her that she will be nothing short of happy with the results. She was a victim of proactive as were my kids. I can’t wait to hear her come in to work and tell me that she is having no breakouts as has happened to my kids. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! You saved my teenagers from more years of embarrassment and humiliation! I have recommended this product to several people and will continue to do so! Gina
Just wanted to send a note saying thank you for getting rid of my adult acne that I have had for 20yrs and making my skin clear and smooth. The longer that I use it, the tighter and more smooth my skin gets, and I dont mean tight in a dry way. My skin seems to have more elasticity and just looks younger. Last year I spent over a $1000+ dallars on peels and a skin care line that is praised by doctors and medi spas, my skin was only clear right after a painfull and ugly peel. Then it was right back to daily break outs and congested skin, now my skin just seems to be healing and clearing. Thank you for this.

*Customer Note:
*Ordering for another friend, I’ve been using your products for 4 years now and everyone comments about my great complexion!
I developed adult acne in my 20’s & got a lot of “stress knots” on my chin & neck. I have tried everything except for accutane & I refused to go on it because of all the side effects. I saw your product on e-bay & thought what the hay I was out of a $100 kit of derma cleanse & when I read what you had written I thought I would give it a try. I had tried everything else. I had nothing to lose. I have been out so much money in the last years with many trips to the dermatologist, birth control pills, antibiotics, face creams, chemical peels not to mention everything else on the market like Pro-active, neutrogena etc… I was very skeptic at first but after two days I could see an incredible difference in my face & neck. I havent had any big break outs since using your product. I just get an occasional bump. Nothing like before. I never thought I would find anything that worked. I have been hestitant to write because I have been waiting for a big breakout as I thought this was too good to be true but after two months my face is still doing great. I recently bought some for my best friends daughter to try as she has teenage acne & has been through a lot of different treatments with the dermatologist. I think you are right. All the cleansers with different chemicals in them just put you on a visious cycle. I thank God for finding you!!!
*Customer Note:
*Been buying from you for at least 5 years now, wouldn’t go back to proactive if they paid me. Thanks for the great products! and always really fast shipping!
Oh WOW! I don’t know if I can even describe to you the impact this product has had on me! My children and I are very involved in theatre. My daughters and I use LOTS of stage makeup. You can imagine the havoc this wreaks on our already acne prone skin. My oldest daughter is often in tears because the horrible acne she struggles with. I was the guinea pig. I ordered your adult treatment. I mean, I wasn’t going to order this stuff for my kids and disappoint them when It didn’t work. We had some moderate success with a very expensive line you can buy from TV, p**a**ive, with their very tiny microscopic bottles of product which we all fought over, but your product is better than anything I have ever used! I know the corniness of this statement, but honest to heaven, I look forward to washing my face every day because it feels and looks so wonderful when I am through. I just placed my fourth order. Thank you!
*Dear clearandsmooth,*
I don’t have a questions, I would just like to say that I starting using the adult acne system about 10 days ago and I cannot believe the difference. I am 33 years and and I hoped as I got older, my breakouts would cease, since I started using this product (granted it has only been 10 days) but I am SOOOOO pleased. It is not 100% gone, but it is tons better. I could go out without any makeup if I wanted too. I haven’t done that for quite some time. THANK YOU!!!!!!
– christie

*Customer Note:* I love this stuff. I have re-ordered numerous times. I have used everything from very expensive to cheap and this is a friendly price and works wonders. Thanks so much for coming up with this product.
*Dear clearandsmooth,*
Hi. Just wanted to say thank you. I’ve been using your products for a few years now and they really work. The service you give is absolutely superb!! I truly believe you’re the best seller on Ebay!! Keep up the GREAT work!! I recommend your products every chance i get!!

– slyk14
*Customer Note:* hello. this is a christmas gift for my niece who went away to college and is having acne problems. she saw the difference in my skin and i raved to her about how great your products are. just wanted you guys to know that i am passing along the word of how wonderful your skincare line is. happy holidays!
P.S This will be my 2nd order of clear and smooth .It is fantastic and has lasted about 4 months!

– salsadancersalsa


Customer Note:
Most excellent products! I love your stuff, and it’s taken my acne down to a pimple or two each month from huge cystic breakouts constantly. Thank you!


*Dear clearandsmooth,*

I LOVE YOUR PRODUCT!!! I have been using it for a month now but it started working instantly for me! It feels great not to have to hide some of my face with my hair and be ashamed to have it all pulled back in a ponytail!!! Thank you, you have been a lifesaver!!! You will definitely be hearing more from me!
Thank you!

– artestie


the best stuff in the world for skin. using for several years, love it! Buyer: mystimead (278Feedback is 100 to 499)
Amazing product that actually works! Buyer: obscureness (134Feedback is 100 to 499)

My 9th order !!! These products are terrific !!! Highly recommended !! A++++ Buyer: gfriedman1 ( 352 [Feedback score is 100 to 499] )
My daughter’s skin cleared up in 1 mth! Fast shipping excellent products Buyer: cinc101 ( 9 )

This stuff works Great! I have tryed ALOT of stuff so I know what I like 🙂 Buyer: idjessie77 ( 124 [Feedback score is 100 to 499] )
Placed order on Friday P.M, arrived Monday….Amazing !!! Buyer: odeman5 ( 106 [Feedback score is 100 to 499] )

The Clear and Smooth is for my girlfriend, she absolutely loves it!! After one treatment, her skin is smoother and pores are shrinking. She is so happy for the first time she is feeling more confident. She has tried everything! This is the first product she has used everyday following the directions. She can’t wait to get in the shower to use it. Thank you so much!
Hello! This is Christine again! Hope you are doing fine. Everything here in Greece is finally ok. Let me thank you once again for the amazing products you sell that totally changed my life! Take care!


I really hate to be the one to have to tell you this, but you’re going to have to have your product labels re-made because you are leaving out very important information. The new labels should read: Clear & Smooth & SOFT. My skin really feels great and I thoroughly enjoyed using your product today. The smell alone was refreshing enough to wake me up and I’m so refreshed right now that I’m writing this email at 8:30am. (Now that’s refreshed!). Great job. I think I’m going to invest in some of your moisturizer as well. Kudos!


*Customer Note:
*Your products have made such a significant change in my skin. It has been almost one month since my first order, and I have felt such a difference.
My skin is smoother, and my acne is clearing up. I normally have severe cystic acne, and for the first time in I don’t know how long, it is no longer painful, nor does it last as long. I’ve had one huge issue pop up, but it’s nearly gone, and not as severe as previous.
Thanks so much!

*Customer Note:
*I’ve been using your product for over 5 years now! Nothing works as well as it does. Now my mother is hooked too! We love it!

*Customer Note:
*I heard about your acne control product on a PCOS message board. I am 40 years old and still have adult and cystic acne. My 15 year old daughter has pretty severe acne on her face, chest and back as well. We are desparate for a miracle. After reading all the information and feedback as well as all the wonderful reviews from other women with PCOS, we are taking a leap of faith and purchasing these products. We can’t wait to try them.
By the way, PCOS is PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome, and they often suffer from terrible acne. I recently contacted Marilyn. After only 2 weeks here is her comment:
It seems to keep me clear and I am using the 2 percent stuff. I am amazed at the look and feel of my skin.
By the way, I wanted to point out that your bar soap works wonders on a sunburn. I’ve been using it since you first introduced it a few years back and it’s amazing. I think it will help a lot when I add the Kuku Nut Lotion, right now I’m just using the other body cream, and it works pretty good too.
Just thought you might want to advertise that it works well on a sunburn 🙂
Thanks again!
This is a re-order. Got your soap with your moisterizer. Absolutely wonderful. Already my skin is soft and not red and itchy. I want this soap in all my bathrooms and want the whole family to use it. I am even washing my hair with it. Wonderful product!

*Customer Note:
*This is another reorder for me.
Thanks for great & most importantly effective products.

I just wanted to drop you this email and tell you how much I LOVE your product!! I have been fighting adult acne for years now and have tried everything and I mean everything!! I have only been using the system for a week and already I can see the product pulling the blackheads out and my skin is so soft and supple in the morning. Most mornings I would wake with the greasiest face from other products that seemed to be creating more breakouts. This product is the best and I am so happy I stumbled upon it on ebay.

Hi! This is my 2nd time to purchase your soap… the 1st time was because of my daughter TRICKING me into getting it!!! She told me about this really awesome soap that I just HAD to try… AND SHE WAS RIGHT!!! How did she TRICK me???! WELL, she had ulterior motives… she actually found a brilliant way to get some great soap through MOM!!! ANYWAY!!!!!!!!!! It’s time to get some more, as “I” am running out!!! Thanks for an excellent product!!! Bonnie. P.S. My daughter is married and lives on her own… she just knows where the “goods” are!!!

*Customer Note:
*I’m a PA student who was told about your products by one of my patients. She swears by it and as far as I could see she had great skin. I’ve been struggling with acne around my chin for a few years now (of course I had great skin in junior high and high school when everyone else had bad skin)and haven’t found a product with results I’m satisfied with. I figured I’d give this a shot. I’ll keep you posted on how it works out for me.
*Customer Note:
*Thank you for such wonderful products. I can really say that these products have made a difference in the skin of my whole family. We all have sensitive, dry, itchy skin. These products have made a great difference and I don’t feel like I carry around a coating of lotion and soap all day. They are very light and natural but keep me moisturized all day. Thanks again for you wonderful products and your great customer service.
Leigh Ann
Thank you so much! I have been a more than satisfied customer for years and ordered this time to help a co -worker who complimented my blemish free face!!!!!!!! I’ve found that once everything cleared up – just using your magic soap has kept my face clear for _over a year – using nothing but the soap!_ LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!!! In fact I need to order more!

Dear Carley’s Clear and Smooth,
I was re-ordering today and wanted to finally leave some feedback, but either due to my computer or the length of the small novella that I wanted to send, I wasn’t haven’t much luck. So, I just thought I would send this along with my hearty Thanks!

I absolutely love this stuff! I started having acne problems at the very onslaught of puberty and tried every over-the-counter treatment and herbal/vitamin regime imaginable. At the end of high school, my acne was so bad that I finally broke down and went to see a dermatologist, who prescribed some washes and topical medications. At first, these made a difference and my hope for clear skin returned (no place to go but up, right?), but as the years wore on, I could see the treatments becoming less and less effective. I have always had very sensitive skin with huge red, irritated zits that could last for weeks if not months and sometimes even come back! The prescribed medication was only making me peel and irritating it further, especially in the summer and winter months. As the last of this medication started to dwindle, I began looking all the over the internet for something else to try since I knew the doctor would just give me the same things again (which was costing me an arm and a leg!). I wanted to find something that balanced out the strength of the acne fighting ingredients with natural elements, so I was intrigued when I came across Carley’s. I wrote a letter to ask which product would be right for me, and actually got a response!! That did it for me­I was sold enough to at least try it, and the price/size couldn’t have been better. The thing I was most afraid of was having a reaction to switching medications since that would just add on the skin problems, but from day one, it was never an issue. I’ve been using Carley’s for about 9 months and my acne has gotten SO much better it’s unbelievable. My skin is also no longer irritated and red and feels wonderfully smoothed and toned, all the marks from past acne have miraculously faded, I don’t wake up to a oil slick of a face anymore, and even when I do get a zit, it doesn’t last long and is much easier to cover with make-up. My Mom was so impressed with my results that she started using th e soap everyday and loves it, too! Thanks a million­you have a customer for life!

*Customer Note:
*Your products are EXCELLENT! My skin has never looked better. It’s luminous, and has remained flawless throughout weeks of strenuous international business travelling. Thank you!
Tel Aviv
Thank you for your quick response. The package was delivered yesterday.

I love your products. I have “converted” my sister and daughter to use them. Also, my husband is beginning to rave about the Kukui lotion. He suffers from very dry skin and has now decided to get rid of the name brand body wash he has been using and started using your soap after seeing the marked improvement in my skin’s appearance.

I gave my sister and daughter samples of your soap, daytime moisturizer, nightime lotion, and Kukui lotion.

I brought along my travel size products during a recent trip back east with my sister and husband. My sister had forgotten to bring her facial cleanser and lotion so I offer to share during the trip. She was a convert after the 7-day vacation.

My daughter and her children have skin allergies, especially the older child (8 yrs old). I gave her samples of your products so she could do a test drive. She has now tossed out all of the expensive brand name products her family has been using — products containing the skin irritants you talk about on your web site. Her son’s skin has improved immensely. And she has experienced the same positive results for her skin.

As for me, I can’t say enough to express my appreciation for your Clean and Smooth products. I had had what I thought was adult acne for some time and have spent hundreds of dollars on high-priced cosmetic “fixes” that did nothing for my skin except make me break out more. My skin was rough, red, blotchy and flaky. Since using your products and reading the helpful information on your web site, I can truthfully say my skin has calmed down and is balanced for the first time in my life. My skin has never looked better.

My heartfelt appreciation for an affordable, healthy and natural solution to skin care. You have made my family happy. I will continue to spread the word about your products.


*Customer Note:
*This is “Johnny” – My feedback from 2000 was on your Ebay page for a long time (not sure if it still is) Here I am, over 6 years later and still a repeat customer. I have nothing but great things to say about your products and customer service. This product has helped me from my high school senior year (mentioned in my original feedback) through college, and now being in the business field. Just wanted to say thanks again & I am thrilled to see all the success you have had.
*Customer Note:
*Thank you for making such a great prouct! Been using now for 3 years.


Aloha from Hawaii, I ordered your product awhile back for my acne rosacea. I’m not sure how to leave a feedback as I did not order from ebay. I was told of your product from someone on the demodex solutions forum. I am 50 years old and honestly I have never had such clear and smooth skin as I have had since using your product. I also just love the soap and daytime lotion. Really, I am so impressed and happy I found you!! Please don’t change a thing the product works great! My 16 year old son is just getting acne and he is starting to use it this week. Thanks again, I never ever write companys but I know you are a small business and product and service are just wonderful. Thanks, Lynne
*Customer Note:
*Thanks for your commitment to quality, natural products!!! I think I’m on year 4 using this….
This has been the only product that has worked for me! I have extremely sensitive skin and i’m allergic to just about everything including soaps and so many other things, it has been an uphill battle finding products that work on my skin that don’t make me break out in hives, or just plain break out. i love the natural soap, the moisturizer, and the acne scrub, and all togther they work better than anything i have tried before, including prescpription medications. thank you for such a great product and such a great staff, they are extremely helpful!


I have received the products and left you positive feedback. Thank you for such a perfect transaction! I love your products so far! After just one use, my skin is already beginning to become smoother. I can’t believe how soft my skin feels after just one use! I have faith that this product will clear up my acne soon 😉 . Thank you for making this wonderful product!

*Customer Note:
*This is my 5th order – this is the ONLY treatment that works for me!!!!


*Customer Note:
*Dear Clear & Smooth – I purchased some bottles of this great product several years ago for my oldest daughter and now I have another daughter that has just used the last drop and she wants more ! The last time you were kind enough to mark the shipment as a “gift” with a value below $70 and send the items in a neutral wrapping (i.e. no company name) to help me avoid problems with customs here in Norway – are you comfortable helping me the same way now (otherwise the shipment will be stopped and I have to pay a huge “handeling fee” + 25% tax.. If this is possible thank you very much ! ANITA
texasbells1 is the *winner*.
THis is the best product ever–never had such awesome results. My hubby love the soap too–even though he has no skin problems. I truly cannot believe the difference–you guys rock.. Expect repeat business–keep up the good work!

*Customer Note:
*I tried some other high-end facial products recently and they just left my skin dry, not soft like yours does. Carley’s rules!
repeat customer
I bought your product Clear and Smooth Skin Treatment for Acne about 3 weeks ago and I wanted to write to you and tell you that this stuff is AMAZING!

I didn’t have acne as a teenager but after I had my first baby I started to get acne around my “time of the month” and I would get not only get small acne bumps but I also got really painful cystic bumps under the skin that would be really sore and red.

I’ve seen a dermatologist once and I’ve bought almost every OTC product available to man for acne and even used Proactiv which did seem to work for a little while then stopped working and I have to tell you and anyone else who will listen that Clear and Smooth is THE ONLY THING THAT HAS WORKED FOR ME.

This may sound crazy but the first time I used it I could tell a marked difference in the appearance of my skin. My pores were smaller and I had fewer blackheads just from the first use! After 3 days of use my skin had cleared up 150%. I still had a break out around “my time” but it was at only 1/4 of the severity it usually is and I only had one small cyst-like bump to come up where as before using Carley’s I would have 3 or 4 and it would last for 2 weeks. My breakout only lasted for a couple of days and I may get birth control pills to try and control my hormones for that time so that I have no breakouts.

For any of you out there who are afraid to try it for fear that it may be another wasted promise I must tell you that Clear and Smooth works, I don’t know how and I don’t care! All I know is that I can’t go without it and at 1/2 the price of Proactiv it is MORE than worth it. Give it a try, I thought that it probably wouldn’t work too and man was I pleasantly surprised.

Thank you Clear & Smooth, I’ll NEVER use any other products on my face again!

I now have 2 daughters hooked, 14 & 15
years of age. Nothing else works for them. I have found over the last few
years with your product, it is a miracle for my children’s teenage facial
problems. Thanks again!
*Customer Note:
*I just so appreciate you and what you do for people out there who have acne,and how you make them love themselves again..thank you.
*Customer Note:
*We love this stuff! My teenage sons and I use it. I frequently get told I look 10 years younger than I am. Keep up the good work!
Joy Beth
*Customer Note:
*Great product. I have used it for years and it is fun to see the first the labels changed, the the bottles changed, you keep adding new products and the old stand by still works and I have used it in two states. CO where it is very dry and in TX where it isn’t. It has worked well in both areas. Now that my first child is a teenager I have told him he needed to use this product and he has resisted until he started noticing girls. It cleared his skin up very quickly. Keep up the good work.
Still love this product. I ran out when I was on vacation so had to buy some stuff over the counter. It is just not the same as yours that is for sure. Comes a long way short and it wasn’t even one of the real cheap brands I bought.



Customer Note:
*I’ve been using this product faithfully for over 2 years now. I’ve seen such an improvement in my skin! I also love the natural soap. If you have samples of the acne treatment I will gladly hand them out to friends and family. Thank you for your great customer service and products!
*Customer Note:
*I used to use your products regularly, but stopped due to financial concerns. I’ve been waiting and waiting until I had a little extra so I could order again!! I’m seriously so excited.
*Customer Note:
*The industrial teen strength formula is fabulous- has cleared up male teen-age acne that failed prescription drug use. The bar soap is great for everyone in the family, all over!
*Customer Note:
*Love your products. My boys acne is now under control, we all love the soap and my daughter has found that your moisturizer is the only one she can use on her face without a painful rash. It is light and feels great. Even my boys with acne can use it after they wash. We have been a user for probably six years. I am anxious to try the new anti-aging cream. Thanks.
By the way I can’t say enough about this industrial strength treatment. Me and my boyfriend are way past being teenagers but still both have an extreme acne problem that gets worse in the summer. This stuff has worked miracles. His back gets completely covered in a rash and huge zits and in the 2 weeks that I made him use that stuff its almost all gone. My legs get covered in these weird red bumps I’ve had most of my life and now I can go to the beach without feeling self conscious about them.
My coworkers don’t even believe me when I say I have a huge acne problem because I have been using Clear and Smooth since before I worked there and my skin is nearly flawless w/o makeup.

I can’t believe how different my skin looks. It’s dewy, smooth, the texture and clarity are just phenomenal. My skin has never looked this good before and believe me, I’ve tried every cosmetic brand under the sun. Got myself into a huge debt too because of all the pricey products. All this after using it for 3 days and I still haven’t tried the nighttime moisturizer.
*Customer Note:
*I am definitely addicted at this point! Thank you soooo much. Your products are wonderful!!
I just have to say.. your product is the BEST IN THE WORLD… I have been using your product for about 3 weeks, and my husband just said your face looks sooooo good. He now is using the product he has been using it for about a week and I must say, he looks 5 years younger… PLEASE PLEASE DON’T EVER STOP MAKING THIS PRODUCT!!!! THANKS FOR THIS AMAZING PRODUCT THAT HELP MILLIONS OF US….




Well, I figured I would add to the plethora of positive feedback you guys have gotten with regard to your products.

First off, the Natural Soap is just amazing. From my face, to my hair (great suggestion!) it is perfect. I get the smoothest shave I have ever had and my skin feels super clean, but not overly clean so that it feels stripped, if that makes any sense.

Secondly, I go the Exotic Butter Moisturizer for my wife and she is in love with that stuff. She also uses my Natural Soap in the shower and loves it!!

Then there’s the Clear and Smooth – I chose to get the industrial strength for teens. Not sure if I actually need the industrial strength, but I am going to stick with is since it has made such a dramatic difference in my life. Like many others, I found your product after finishing up with Accutane – I was less than happy with the Accutane results – it did help my situation, but it was not as complete as I was led to believe it would be, thus ended up being a helpful disappointment. Between the lack luster results, the drying of my lips and skin elsewhere, the mood swings and the effect that Accutane had on the rest of my body – it seemed that all of my skin got thin – the slightest scratch anywhere would give a cut that would take days to fully heal – even intimacy with my wife had some consequence – it just was not worth it.

So I wondered – am I expecting too much? Does it take longer than the course to see the actual full set of results? I asked my dermatologist, and perhaps you know how frustrating speaking to a doctor about a less than satisfactory medication can be – so much wishy-washy information with very careful wording about how it affects everyone differently and the actual results can never be precisely predicted, blah, blah, blah…

My questioning led me to internet research – I wanted to know if I was alone in feeling like I had put my body through the wringer for less than satisfactory results. Lo and behold, I am not alone, in fact I seem to be the norm when it comes to Accutane – and finding that answer led me to Carley’s. I looked over the info and thought there was no way this would work so well – but for $20, why not give it a shot?

Boy was I pleasantly surprised! I had one spot of cystic acne that was the cause of the majority of my grief. My skin is not THAT bad, but there are spots and then there is an overall texture that in the wrong light makes me feel like it would be tough not to notice how textured and broken out my skin was. That one area of cystic acne had been present for over 15 years (yes, you read that right). It would grow and shrink and when it would get to a certain point I would have a hard time not popping it. It has had me in the Emergency room to be lanced in really bad times, but since it is on my cheek, no Derm that I had visited seemed willing to actually remove it -which is what led to Accutane after a myriad of anti-biotics and meds that did nothing but give me a completely false sense of hope. I was not one of the people that saw immediate results with Carley’s. Sure, my skin felt good and a nice new style of clean, but I was still pretty skeptical. I kept with it though and now I am 1/2 way through that first bottle and for the first time that I can remember that area of cystic acne is gone. GONE! 15 years I have had a growth of some sort under my skin, dead center in my cheek and now, thanks to your genius formula, it is gone.

Seriously, as far back as my sophomore year in high school, I can see the outline of that bump in the picture. Every picture since, I can pick it out, whether it was inflamed or not. The simple act of smiling would highlight that there was something under the skin and while most probably did not ever notice, I felt sure that it was the dominant feature on my face. Smiling made it more noticeable… With that being the case, can you IMAGINE how much you have improved my entire life? Can you even begin to understand what a huge difference this makes to me, to my well being, to my marriage? Last point (I know this is long, but I am excited!) is that the only way that I found to effectively hide my skin problems was the tanning salon. I would go weekly to maintain a slight bit of a tan in order to keep my skin “tougher” and smoother looking since the tan would actually seem to give the appearance of better tone. Now that I have Carley’s there is no need to even continue with that side of things, thus improving my entire picture of health, and the overall health of my skin.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Now if you can tell me how Carley’s can help me quit smoking (I kid…) I will be first in line to submit you guys in the running for a Nobel Peace Prize 🙂

Thank you again and again!



2 thoughts on “Reviews”

  1. You rock!!
    I just wanted to give a shout out to you and your company. About two years, my neighbor stopped by for happy hour mango daiquiris and brought with her a sliver of your natural acne soap and a sampler of the scrub (I had been complaining about the fact that I never had acne and the did as an adult!). Within days after use I noticed a visible difference. I’ve been using it ever since and no longer have break outs. i am acne free and it is due to your product.
    I just received a shipment from you today and all the samples you sent along AND a travel bag of slivers of the soap….WOW. How generous of you, your customer service is amazing and you literally made my day.
    Living in the Florida Keys we have a lot of visitors and when sharing our space they have also used your products. My parents are now loyal customers and they are ordering products for their neighbors! This comes full circle back to you for creating an amazing product and keeping the good Karma going.
    Thanks for making my day today.
    Kim L.

    1. So glad to read this review Kim! Thank you so much and I’m glad you’re enjoying our products so much. Keep it up and email me if you have any updates. 🙂

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