*Kick Start Method

Pay little attention to the feedback from people who see almost instant results. Only about a third see fast results. Four to six weeks isn’t uncommon for many. Most hard to treat customers have been using spot treatments for years. Or very acidic moisturizers*.

Constant use of acne ointments do work… For a while. Eventually you will find they work less and less. We think these powerful chemical ointments play a role in the explosion of adult acne today. Our products will continue to give you clear skin for years. First, we have to get you over your dependency. This is the key to your success.

*Almost all skin care products today are acidic. Find out why acidic products can be so damaging to the skin.

How much product to use?
We have people contact us two months in not understanding why it isn’t working. We later find out they only are a third of the way through the bottle. Don’t be afraid to use plenty of product to begin with. The first bottle should last about three months for facial acne. If have extensive body acne, you might get only a month out of the first bottle. After your acne is under control you can use the acne treatment less and get more out of the bottle.

There is a special method for getting our product to work faster
Five minutes before your shower apply – like a paint – the scrub to your dry face. Allow this to sit on your skin until you get in the shower. Be careful or you will stain clothes!

Then get in the shower and scrub for 30 to 60 seconds. You might need to use more scrub. Immediately use the lathered up wash cloth to completely remove the acne treatment. Do NOT do this over the sink.

Try this method for a good solid week. If you aren’t seeing any results increase the time from 5 minutes to 30 minutes.

After your skin clears gradually back off the amount of time using the treatment. We are trying to overcome a powerful dependency to stay on over the counter skin ointments. Once you are free from these powerful chemicals, you will not believe how healthy and balanced your skin will become. All that sensitivity caused by those ointments will go away and you will be free.

What a shirt will look like if you leave the solution on

IMPORTANT: Make certain you use a fresh, clean wash cloth lathered up with the natural soap to completely remove every last bit of the skin treatment. If you see staining of towels or clothes you aren’t doing enough of the lathered wash cloth. Wash longer. This is the part people miss and will keep you from seeing long term results.

As your skin heals, go to the regular Quick Start directions.

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10 thoughts on “*Kick Start Method”

  1. Hi, I am a 21 yrs old male, I have oily skin. I have been following the kick start method, leaving the product on for about < 5 mins. go to the shower, scrub it off, and then fill my palm with some more of the product and scrub for 30s-1min. And then lathered a clean washcloth to wash the treated area. After the shower, my face is kinda flushing and a bit dry so use some day time lotion. Then about 2-3 hours later, I wash my face again with the soap and apply the night lotion along with the tamanu cream.
    For the washcloth, I clean it and hang dry after each time I use. Is it ok or I shouldn't have done that?
    Before I wasn't using enough product so it didn't work for me. I have been doing the right method for about 3 weeks, and I haven't seen much result, in fact, this week, I am having a really bad break out on my cheek, before it was on my forehead but they were gone. I have received another bottle from you today with a stronger dose of BP. So for the stronger formula should I continue with what I am doing? or is there anything that I should change?

    Thanks for your time.

  2. Hi, i’ve sent an email to the above address but I have yet to get a reply. It’s almost a week now. My question was: what if i have makeup on before applying the scrub as a mask before my shower? Don’t i have to clean my face first? If yes, with what? i.e. use the natural soap or some other makeup remover? Or can i just carry on painting my face as is shown in the kickstart method?

    Pls help. I am breaking out on my jawline. I have purged already when i was using the black african soap prior to this, and to purge again on this product is very frustrating.

    Appreciate your soonest reply.


    1. Sorry about the slow response, I rarely check the comments here. Have you contacted us at [email protected] for your questions. We always respond within a day or two for the best way to use the products and work with your issues.

      How has the products been working so far?

      1. Unfortunately i am at the purging stage, painful cystic pimples form along my jawline, and some on my forehead and temples. I’ve only been on CCS for 2 weeks. I’ll persevere and ride it out. Hope it gets better soon.

          1. Hi, thanks for checking back. I’ve stopped using ccs. Was on it for 8 weeks and my acne did not subside in any way, but got worse instead. I did everything according to the tips on this blog and also whatever i could find in the comments. Didn’t work. Guess i’m allergic to BP.

            Thanks for your help though 🙂

          2. Well sorry it couldn’t work for you and thanks for trying, I hope you got your refund from us (email us at [email protected] for the full refund). I hate to speak too soon but we’re working on a BP-free acne treatment right now which I’m pretty excited about. Check back soon and you’ll see 🙂

            As far as the allergies go, that tough as it happens. There are certain people that will get allergic reactions but we usually don’t have many since there’s no artificial fragrances and it’s not acidic like every other product out there but thanks for trying!

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