Why do you suggest using Clear and Smooth in a bath or shower?

Many people don’t understand this suggestion. Here’s the reasoning: Most who ask this question want to use our scrub to take off make up in the evening. Our natural soap is perfect for that and can be used as often as you like. Keeping your skin meticulously clean is one key to controlling acne. If you aren’t taking a daily shower, you need to. Some need to take two a day, since the air is full of tiny dirt particles that embed themselves in your skin.

The key for success with Clear and Smooth is 30 seconds of scrubbing once a day and then total removal of the scrub. In that 30 seconds of scrubbing, the nutritional part of Clear and Smooth will be absorbed into the skin. If microscopic amounts of the benzoyl peroxide are left on the skin, then you will not see long term results (possibly no results). The powerful flow of the shower or submersion in a bathtub, plus the natural soap and wash cloth does a thorough job of removing the Benzoyl Peroxide and the embedded dirt particles where the bacteria hide. Using over the sink, doesn’t effectively do this (and will cause your towels to get stained too). This is why those stay-on-the-skin ointments work at first, but not long term.

When ever you take your shower each day, make that your treatment time. It really doesn’t matter when as long as it’s once every 24 hours. Wash at least one more time a day with the natural soap by itself (no wash cloth needed) over the sink if you’d like.

Question: Do you have any suggestions for shower head filters? I did some research and bought a Aquasana. I have been using it for about a week and still somewhat have the ‘squeaky clean’ feel.
Unfortunately, carbon filters like Aquasana are worthless when trying to clean heated water. All carbon filters remove is chlorine. There is only one company I know of: Sante for Health. They make filters that actually take out the hardness and other chemicals in the water. A lot of city water companies are adding ammonia to save money on chlorine. Ammonia is a skin killer.

They have  several filters under $100, but the top of the line ammonia removing filter is $180. This is Sante’s phone number (toll-free): 1-800-398-6735. They might be familiar with your local water. Sante does not pay us a referral.  We just want you to have clear skin.

Note: Be careful inviting someone into your home to “test” your water. They will try to sell you a soft water system that can cost over $5,000. You can buy an inexpensive water softener from Sears or Costco for under a $1000. I’m not even sure if a water softener will take out ammonia. 

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