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Here’s Your Chance to Get Carley’s Shampoo or the New Tea Tree Bottle

Buy 2 or more full size items and you choose a free item.

One 8 ounce bottle of our new Sulfate Free Shampoo or this is your chance to try a different size of our Tea Tree Acne treatment. A smaller special 8 ounce bottle.

We offered this shampoo last Sunday and the response was incredible. We are still getting people to PROMO-TT-or-SHask for a bottle. So we were able to restock on the ingredients and we made more.

Our new shampoo is sulfate free, which means it is great for color treated hair. Plus avoiding sulfates helps your skin to stay clearer and healthier. Virtually all liquid shampoos have sulfates in them. Even many of the ones calling themselves natural, also use sulfates.

Cocamidopropyl betaine is an ingredient in a lot of ‘natural’ shampoos. Cocamidopropyl betaine is also a sulfate.

Our Tea Tree Acne treatment has been around for a while and a lot of people wanted to give it a try to see if it will keep them clear like our kick ass or regular strength. It’s especially good after your acne has been under control.

Occasionally we run into a customer that this is the only product that controls their acne. This is a clear path to an even more natural solution. We won’t be selling this 8 ounce size, but it is a great opportunity for you to give it a fair try.

Visit us at to qualify for this special

Details of special:

  • Buy two or more full size items and choose either the 8 ounce shampoo or the 8 ounce Tea Tree acne treatment.
  • VERY IMPORTANT: We must get a note from you in the shipping notes WITH YOUR CHOICE or we won’t know you saw this newsletter.
  • Not qualified for this special are single bars of soap and make up samples.
  • 1 free item per household.
  • This is a limited time offer. Once we run out of these special sizes we will not be able to offer them again.

Send Us a Video Review, Get a Free Product

We love customer reviews. We love reviews when they are posted on the website. We love reviews when they are posted on MakeupAlley and We love reviews sent to us by email. But we especially love video reviews. Send us a video review (instructions on how-to make a video review below) and we will send you a FREE product of your choice.

No catch. Just send us a video review of your beautiful new self telling us about your experiences with Carley’s products and email us at [email protected] with the link to the product.

Instructions on how to submit a video to YouTube can be found here. You can send us a video by a phone video or on your computer. Then send us the link to the video and which product you’d like and we will send you your free product!

AND the best video this September will win $100 of FREE products (of your choice), to be shipped at one time!

Note: Only one video per person. YES, we’ll accept more than one video per household. Email us if you have trouble uploading a video.




Carley’s Clear & Smooth does not have a large advertising budget. We’ve found that our company’s expenses lean enables us to better focus on you, the customer. Without massive advertising expenses we keep overhead low so they can be affordable and made of the highest quality. Despite our lack of budget, customers and bloggers love to talk about Carley’s Clear & Smooth. Here are some press mentions, blog reviews and review websites that mention us., a popular acne review resource that lets users rate acne products currently has Carley’s Clear & Smooth rated one of the top five most popular and highest rated product lines at 4.24/5 average rating.

Naturally Beautiful – Beauty Over 50 TV Segment w/ Host Adrienne Janic

Jenny Karl of Jenny Karl Hair & Makeup Agency’s Favorite Affordable Beauty Products
“I use this eye cream on my clients daily. It’s great for sensitive skin.”

So you know what I use on my hair — what about my skin? – Alex JouJou at The Wavy Tales
“I have received so many compliments on my skin after I started using this stuff. HIGHLY recommended!”

How I Cleared Up my Adult Acne (Thank you Carley’s Clear & Smooth) – Kerry Monaghan
“Carley’s has great reviews all over the internet for their Clear & Smooth Acne Treatment. I ordered a bottle and it came with a bar of their natural soap. Their prices are awesome, ingredients are natural, no testing on animals, customer service is friendly, shipping is fast, and you can return any products that don’t work out. I had nothing to lose.”

I am DONE with Acne! My Skin is CLEAR!! – PrissyGreen
“So I have some updated photos and wanted to tell you with out any reservation, that Carley’s Clear and Smooth has worked for me! Kicked some major acne a$$!”

Your Essential Skin Prescription for Acne Prone and Problem Skin – Diva Village
“For your cleansing needs, you need to get your hands on the all natural, hand-made soap from Carley’s Clear and Smooth.  This soap has changed my life. It comes in bar form and can be used on the face and the body.  It is virtually unscented and makes your skin feel unbelievably clean.  It’s good for any skin type and great for men who like to keep things simple.  Make sure you cleanse your skin day and night. You can’t even imagine what attaches to your skin (and clogs your precious pores) in just a day, so make sure you don’t go to bed without cleansing.”

Slightly Single in LA Movie Set Photos with Makeup Artist Jenny Karl
Slightly Single in LA - Lacy Chabert

Slightly Single in LA Set

Slightly Single in LA Set 2

Product Credits in Gorezone Magazine

Gorezone Magazine - DeeDee Pfeiffer Credit

Gorezone Magazine - DeeDee Pfeiffer Credit 2

Clear & Smooth Review – Opinion Queen
“The results were fabulous!  My skin was super soft and my acne seemed to be healing even after just a few days.  As with any acne product, you do have to use it for a few weeks before you can really decide if it is working for you or not.”

Solving skin problems, one spot at a time – Egab
“This is easily the best thing on the market in regards to acne treatment.  I’ve been using this stuff for about a year now, and it is AMAZING.  My skin cleared up within the first week of using it and has stayed clear since.  I’ve reccomended it to friends and family, who it worked just as well for.  This stuff is phenomenal.”

Carley’s Clear & Smooth is International!

Where is Carley’s Clear & Smooth available? Is Carley’s available in the United Kingdom? The Philippines? Romania? You name it, it’s probably available online. Your only limited by your access to the internet. Something tells me if your reading this that means you fit into that category.

One of the great things about an online business is that we don’t have to deal with retail. The typical retailer marks up products over 100%. Since manufacturing and distribution is done in-house we aren’t limited by geography.

A Scottish friend of mine annually flies to Orlando, Florida with bags of candies. Bags filled to the brim with world famous Cadbury chocolates. Trading these items with relatives, they get their shopping fix done and fly back full of clothes. Essentially trading hard-to-come items in America with hard-to-come items in Britain. What we don’t want is forcing you to do this with our products! That’s why we make shipping easy and fast. Oh, and guaranteed, of course!

Thousands of our customers hail from more than 70 countries. We have always had a strong presence in the United Kingdom and Canada. Many of our customers come from Southeast Asia. Some of our most active fans now hail from Australia.

The Aussies can’t get enough of our product. Maybe it’s due to the fantastic economy Down Under or maybe a couple raving fans. We don’t know but it’s exciting!

The international mix doesn’t stop with just our readers and customers. We find many of our best ingredients are imported directly from their source. This means a diverse mix of  ingredients fresher longer.

Free Soap if you Like us on Facebook Plus More!

Facebook Promotion:

We love when people try the soap. We want to give an extra bar out on your next order. All you have to do is “Like Us” on Facebook.

Bars come included in almost every order already but we’ll send you an extra bar (two total) of the natural soap on your next order. Here’s how:

  1. Like us on Facebook
  2. Order something
  3. Email us about this Facebook Promotion
  4. You’ll receive an extra bar of soap goodness in the mail along with your purchase
  5. Follow us on Twitter for more promotions!

Note: If you already Like us on Facebook you can still participate. We’ve had customers “Un-Liking us” and then “Liking us” again just to participate. There’s no need!

YouTube Promotion:
An extra bar on your next order is nice… But you want more, right? We’ll throw you a FREE product, any product, of your choice if you record a short video about the products.

  1. Record a webcam/phone video to Youtube
  2. Send us the link
  3. Receive a product of your choice for FREE!
  4. Subscribe to our Youtube channel
Here’s a sample from one of our more enthusiastic customers:

You don’t need to record a an 18 minute video like this (awesome) customer did. A short video just explaining which products you love, which you don’t, how to use it is great. We LOVE these Youtube videos and we want our customers actively participating with us.

One person per promotion, please. Shipping is free.

While we’re on the topic of promotions:
Store – Buy two get 10% off / Buy three get 15% off / Buy four or more and get 25% off
eBay – Buy three and get one free

Look out for more in the future.