I’ve Tried Everything and am STILL Not Clear… Now What?

“Your product isn’t working. I have had persistent acne half my life. Right now, I’m using your products with a few other lines of product. Maybe I’ll try a new acne ointment. If that doesn’t work, I’ll just go back on Accutane.”

You would be amazed how many times we hear this. The only solace seems to be trying an “all of the above” strategy. Using every product in sight. Problem? All of the benefits of using Carley’s Clear & Smooth are negated by mixing with other products.

The unorthodox, highly rated approach we take towards a permanent acne solution isn’t so great if you throw it in a chemical concoction of ointments.

Believing is Doing
One of the first steps towards healthier skin is believing you can get healthy skin. If you’ve read The Power of the Subconscious Mind, you’d see that the state of your mind is absolutely crucial for any major change to occur in your body. By resigning that the product you just won’t work for you. That you need to supplement it with other products. Do you know what will happen? It probably won’t work!

Tips for Persistent Acne
If you’ve been using our product and your skin has gotten worse, don’t run to the closest drug store yet. It takes weeks, sometimes months for your skin to adjust to these products. The skin is essentially healing from all of the years of damage done by acidic, stale, chemical-laden products you’ve used before.

We tell every customer to email us if they have any problems. We will do our best to respond the same day and love to go back and forth with customers to make sure they are using the products correctly.
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