Carley’s Clear & Smooth is International!

Where is Carley’s Clear & Smooth available? Is Carley’s available in the United Kingdom? The Philippines? Romania? You name it, it’s probably available online. Your only limited by your access to the internet. Something tells me if your reading this that means you fit into that category.

One of the great things about an online business is that we don’t have to deal with retail. The typical retailer marks up products over 100%. Since manufacturing and distribution is done in-house we aren’t limited by geography.

A Scottish friend of mine annually flies to Orlando, Florida with bags of candies. Bags filled to the brim with world famous Cadbury chocolates. Trading these items with relatives, they get their shopping fix done and fly back full of clothes. Essentially trading hard-to-come items in America with hard-to-come items in Britain. What we don’t want is forcing you to do this with our products! That’s why we make shipping easy and fast. Oh, and guaranteed, of course!

Thousands of our customers hail from more than 70 countries. We have always had a strong presence in the United Kingdom and Canada. Many of our customers come from Southeast Asia. Some of our most active fans now hail from Australia.

The Aussies can’t get enough of our product. Maybe it’s due to the fantastic economy Down Under or maybe a couple raving fans. We don’t know but it’s exciting!

The international mix doesn’t stop with just our readers and customers. We find many of our best ingredients are imported directly from their source. This means a diverse mix of ¬†ingredients fresher longer.



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