How to Use Carley’s Mask

Some benefits of Carley’s Masks can be derived from just five minutes (and up to 30 minutes) of use once or twice a week. If you only take showers, just apply a mask before your shower. A mask may not be fashionable out in public but you’ll be fine hanging around the house until it dries.

The eyes and the neck and the mouth areas are the first signs of aging. This mask is so thick it can be applied even right over the eyes lids. Just close your eyes tight when applying. Then you should be able to open your eyes. Another method involves pulling the skin in one direction and then another. Put all of your finger tips just under the jaw bone and pull the neck skin down. Then the opposite direction. The mask is just slippery enough to maximize these massage movements. Do similar massaging around the eyes. This encourages your body to get going producing new blood capillaries.

Active Masks and Stimulating the Facial Muscles
Carley’s Masks are considered an Active Mask. This means that benefits can be derived by doing a gentle massage right before removing. This massaging not only feels great but it improves the blood flow. Some say a huge reason why many men’s faces age well is the daily shave that requires this constant facial muscle movement and massaging. For women, they can stimulate these effects by using a mask and giving yourself these facial movements. After all, it’s not like you can lift dumbbells with your cheek bones and benchpress with your eyebrows!

Some of the ingredients in this mask are the right particle size that this massage also works similar to a micro-dermabrasion to help smooth your skin even more.

For those fitness freaks out there, equate these massage movements with the mask just as you would any exercise. As you becoming more fit your muscles develop more capillaries so your body can deliver oxygen to more areas of the muscles. The face is much harder to get this going but there’s no reason why daily facial muscle movement shouldn’t help.

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