Why Have International Shipping Prices Increased?

You may have noticed your international shipping bill increased this year. Compared to what you were spending, this is a rather large increase at that. Why has Carley’s Clear & Smooth increased their price and is it worth it?

USPS (United States Postal Service) increased their postage rates for American sellers shipping internationally as of January 2013. These prices hit hard for international customers as they increased about $7 across the board for the type of shipments that go internationally. Virtually all small businesses in America that ship internationally are struggling to cope.

PrintAmerican-Made Products
Being American-Made is something for us to be proud of. These products are made in America and packaged and shipped around the world using some of the best ingredients in the world. That means a lot of product going back and forth over the borders. While we love shipping to all parts of the world, it is just not possible for us to eat all of these shipping costs. You will see your shipping increase but don’t let that discourage you from trying quite perhaps the most truly natural product in the world with the best ingredients.

Is it worth it?
While you can put a price on clear skin and overall skin health (despite what those $100 moisturizer makers tell you), we’d like to think we are still quite affordable for what the products offer. Ask yourself how may months do you get out of a bottle? If you get the 3-4 months that we recommend, you are looking at the price of about 3 cups of coffee at Starbucks a month (about $10-$13). If you order two products you’ll still pay the same international rates so consider that.

You can find cheaper acne and skincare products if you walk to your local drug store, sure. You can also find some incredibly expensive options and we believe that Carley’s Clear & Smooth sits at the lower end of this totem pole of quality products. Do you really want to skimp out on something that you enjoy so much for you skin to go for the cheap drugstore options that didn’t work before?

Will the prices continue increasing?
Eventually, yes but not likely anytime soon. We’re doing our best to make sure the shipping prices don’t hurt our customers. We actually lose money on many transactions over shipping and we need to anticipate these increases just as much as any penny pinching customer. As gas prices rise and the USPS faces more budget problems, we’ll see future increases for all American exporters at some point. This increase was substantial and likely won’t happen again for some time. One thing you can look out for is exchange rates. In countries like Australia, the US dollar goes far and looks to continue that way so things can always be worse.

Email me if you have any questions about the most affordable shipping options for your international order. We follow the orders to make sure they go where they need to go so you can continue using your favorite American products!

A Mineral Makeup Guide – Foundations, Finishers, Blush, Bronzers and Makeup Removers

The number one question we get about products to use with our skin treatments is – What do I use for a foundation? How do I cover my acne until Carley’s kicks in? We love nothing better than hearing your stories of make-up free days. Even with clear skin, most women need make up when going. But as we investigated most make up, we were mostly concerned with the first layer. The foundation.

Liquid foundations on the market are just horrible. They are loaded with all sorts of chemicals. Just look at the ingredient labels. How many of those ingredients can you pronounce? It’s the same stuff in almost all store-bought moisturizers. Designed to be easy to manufacture and last on store shelves for years. Here’s the kicker: Most liquid foundations are so acidic, they may actually counteract our treatment.

That’s ok for most, but not for acne prone skin. You already know that you can’t use everything because many things make your acne worse. Mineral make ups are good, but many have suspicious ingredients too. We like a simple formula that provides good coverage.

March-FoundationMineral Foundation
Easy to apply. Lasts all day. Has sunscreen protection too. Carley’s Daytime Moisturizer for Acne Prone Skin is perfect under it. With a powdered mineral foundation, they are applied with a brush and last all day. Mineral foundation make up is even water proof. While covering up skin discolorations they still feel light. Coming in 17 different colors and contains Mica, Zinc Oxides, Titaniam-Dioxide, Iron Oxides, Ultramarine Blue. does not contain Bizmouth Oxychloride.

March - Finishing PowderMineral Finishing Powder
To be used over the mineral foundation is Carley’s Mineral Finishing Powder. Giving you that finished, dewy look is made to set your makeup so your makeup is even. Containing Mica and Iron Oxides, this is a simple formula that is highly effective at handling the job.

March - BlushMineral Blush
So you have your makeup set and looking glamorous. How do you get that red, blushed look in your face that you always see makeup models demonstrate so perfectly. A Mineral Blush is great at handling this naturally with Mica, Iron Oxides, Titanium Dioxide and Ultramarine Blue.

March - BronzerMineral Bronzer
Getting that perfect sun-kissed look is possible with a proper bronzer. With a Mineral Bronzer, you have the opportunity to have that perfect bronzed, tanned look without forcing yourself to sit out in the sun all day and hurting your skin. Containing Mica, Iron Oxides and Ultramarine Blue, this highly simple formula has what you need for that golden shine to your skin.

Make-up removerMakeup Remover
People ask us all the time if can they use their cold cream. We say due to the acidity and chemicals in cold creams to get the best results, we prefer you don’t. In fact we ask you to try to avoid all other liquid skin care products due to the ingredients and consistency.

Use the Natural Soap to wash off the makeup. What if the natural soap doesn’t remove the eye make up? Easy. Just get a small bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Use that with a cotton pad to easily remove make up. Then close your eyes tight and wash with our natural soap (again). Rinse.

Keep in mind, Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a very delicate product and should be refrigerated for long term storage. Keep a small bottle of it in your bath and the big bottle in your fridge. If not the fridge, make sure the bottle is tinted, not clear.

Products Recommended:
Carley’s Mineral Foundation
Carley’s Mineral Finishing Powder
Carley’s Mineral Blush
Carley’s Mineral Bronzer
Daytime Moisturizer for Acne Prone Skin
Natural Soap
Extra-Virgin Olive Oil


Carley’s Clear & Smooth does not have a large advertising budget. We’ve found that our company’s expenses lean enables us to better focus on you, the customer. Without massive advertising expenses we keep overhead low so they can be affordable and made of the highest quality. Despite our lack of budget, customers and bloggers love to talk about Carley’s Clear & Smooth. Here are some press mentions, blog reviews and review websites that mention us.

Acne.org, a popular acne review resource that lets users rate acne products currently has Carley’s Clear & Smooth rated one of the top five most popular and highest rated product lines at 4.24/5 average rating.

Naturally Beautiful – Beauty Over 50 TV Segment w/ Host Adrienne Janic

Jenny Karl of Jenny Karl Hair & Makeup Agency’s Favorite Affordable Beauty Products
“I use this eye cream on my clients daily. It’s great for sensitive skin.”

So you know what I use on my hair — what about my skin? – Alex JouJou at The Wavy Tales
“I have received so many compliments on my skin after I started using this stuff. HIGHLY recommended!”

How I Cleared Up my Adult Acne (Thank you Carley’s Clear & Smooth) – Kerry Monaghan
“Carley’s has great reviews all over the internet for their Clear & Smooth Acne Treatment. I ordered a bottle and it came with a bar of their natural soap. Their prices are awesome, ingredients are natural, no testing on animals, customer service is friendly, shipping is fast, and you can return any products that don’t work out. I had nothing to lose.”

I am DONE with Acne! My Skin is CLEAR!! – PrissyGreen
“So I have some updated photos and wanted to tell you with out any reservation, that Carley’s Clear and Smooth has worked for me! Kicked some major acne a$$!”

Your Essential Skin Prescription for Acne Prone and Problem Skin – Diva Village
“For your cleansing needs, you need to get your hands on the all natural, hand-made soap from Carley’s Clear and Smooth.  This soap has changed my life. It comes in bar form and can be used on the face and the body.  It is virtually unscented and makes your skin feel unbelievably clean.  It’s good for any skin type and great for men who like to keep things simple.  Make sure you cleanse your skin day and night. You can’t even imagine what attaches to your skin (and clogs your precious pores) in just a day, so make sure you don’t go to bed without cleansing.”

Slightly Single in LA Movie Set Photos with Makeup Artist Jenny Karl
Slightly Single in LA - Lacy Chabert

Slightly Single in LA Set

Slightly Single in LA Set 2

Product Credits in Gorezone Magazine

Gorezone Magazine - DeeDee Pfeiffer Credit

Gorezone Magazine - DeeDee Pfeiffer Credit 2

Clear & Smooth Review – Opinion Queen
“The results were fabulous!  My skin was super soft and my acne seemed to be healing even after just a few days.  As with any acne product, you do have to use it for a few weeks before you can really decide if it is working for you or not.”

Solving skin problems, one spot at a time – Egab
“This is easily the best thing on the market in regards to acne treatment.  I’ve been using this stuff for about a year now, and it is AMAZING.  My skin cleared up within the first week of using it and has stayed clear since.  I’ve reccomended it to friends and family, who it worked just as well for.  This stuff is phenomenal.”

For Those Few with Super Sensitive Skin – Some Tips

I want you to imagine getting rid of your acne as mountain you are going to climb. Going up is tough. The reward is at the top of the mountain. It is going to be tiring and stressful and it will seem like it is not worth it. That is what our product is like for some people. Yes, it is tough at first. When you the reach the top of the mountain, your skin will change. Your skin balances. Your skin will become soft supple and healthy. Always clear too. However, you have to get to the top of the mountain first. Most people who follow our directions reach this point after about two to six weeks.

Why so long?
What you have been using in the past has damaged your skin. Benzoyl peroxide is a remarkably effective ingredient. How long it continues to work depends on how it is used. If left on the skin for extended periods (along with acids), the damage can be severe. This is why you have sensitive skin. Your skin is so stressed it is producing large amounts of oil and telling you to avoid benzoyl peroxide.

Let me give you an analogy. There is a product out there called Ambien. It helps people sleep. In fact, it is a miracle in a bottle for people who cannot sleep. However, if you use it for too long, you quickly become dependent on it. Sleeping without it becomes impossible. In addition, you cannot use it long term because it starts affecting your brain and memory function. Therefore, you must gradually withdraw from Ambien. I know because this happened to me recently. I stay up late answering emails. This makes it difficult for me to sleep. After my doctor stopped my refills, I knew I had to quit. It was not easy, but I kicked it.

Benzoyl peroxide is also a wonderful effective ingredient. However, if left on the skin for more than 30 minutes a day, long term, it has a real wicked side. It damages the good natural flora your skin needs to be healthy. That is where you are. That other product’s skin wash is a powerful combination of acids and benzoyl peroxide that has put you in this situation. Their product keeps us busy.

What our system does is helps the skin to restore the natural flora to your skin. You have to reach the top of the mountain for our product to work. The soapy washcloth sweeps all of the benzoyl peroxide from the pores of your skin. If you do not do that then the benzoyl peroxide stays on your skin in the pores, just like an ointment. When used correctly, at first there will be some dryness and irritation, but eventually your skin will balance. Of course, our product is much more than just benzoyl peroxide. Clear & Smooth is a system that delivers massive amounts of nutrients into your skin.

Clear & Smooth only has 2% Benzoyl Peroxide while most use more than 5%

So how did we learn about short contact with benzoyl peroxide working?
I am allergic to benzoyl peroxide. Nevertheless, it was so effective I had to come up with a way for it to work with short-term contact. That is where the soapy washcloth came in. At first, I thought it was just me. We noticed others who did not have this allergy also saw wonderful long-term results with short contact. Some took a while. Those that did not follow our routine in the beginning eventually saw our product stop working (even if it worked for awhile).

Our moisturizers do not clog pores and that does not cause acne, anyway. How your skin deals with the ever-present bacteria determines how clear your skin is. Right now, your skin is defenseless. That is why it is so sensitive. We have helped many people in your situation. This is why we want you to avoid other skin care products. Everything out there is too acidic. Our pH neutral daytime moisturizer for acne prone skin works wonderfully under a mineral powder foundation.

Here is what I would like you to do for super sensitive skin.

  • About 5 minutes before your shower, paint the areas most problematic with a thin layer of our product
  • Next get in the shower and rinse off our product. Forget about scrubbing at this point
  • Take a fresh clean washcloth and make it soapy
  • Use this washcloth, gently washing the areas you are treating. Rinse thoroughly. Even if it hurts, do this
  • Gradually work into gently scrubbing with our acne treatment. It might be a week or so before you can do it. Do not get discouraged!
  • Eventually we want you doing the Quick Start routine
  • At some point, the dryness, the oiliness, and the sensitivity will be less and less
  • You will notice your skin will feel softer as you get near the top of this mountain
  • Your acne may not change at first. Do not be discouraged
  • There is nothing else (from what we’ve seen) on the market that is going to help you. You are in what we call burnout

Products Recommended:
Carley’s Acne Treatment
Carley’s Kick *ss Acne Treatment for Teens
Natural Soap Bars

Body Acne Instructions

Even though you may be suffering from facial acne just as much as back acne, you may be surprised how much thicker the skin on your body is. The thicker skin on your body requires slightly more effort in ridding spots on your body of acne and skin irritations. This method is most likely is too strong for your face where the skin is much thinner. This will help you save money when treating large areas.

Instructions for Body Acne:

  1. Take two clean, dry wash cloths into the shower
  2. Wash lightly using your hands with the natural soap and rinse. This conditions the skin for the acne treatment
  3. If you are doing both your face and body, scrub your face first with your hands and rinse
  4. Turn off the shower head and apply the Clear & Smooth to a dry wash cloth
  5. Scrub for 30 seconds with the dry wash cloth and treatment. This will remove more dead skin cells and allow the treatment to get deeper into the skin. Don’t scrub so hard as to make the skin raw. After a few treatments you will get a feel for how hard to scrub. After your skin becomes healthy you will find the extra exfoliation is exhilarating. This method also helps you cover more area with less of the treatment, to save money.
  6. Turn the shower back on, rinse, and then lather up the second clean wash cloth with the natural soap and wash thoroughly all treated areas. Rinse

Any other time you wash just use our natural soap and a clean wash cloth.

If you are experiencing skin irritations on your outer arms and thighs then you are likely suffering from keratosis pilaris. Here are instructions for clearing your skin of keratosis pilaris.

Products Recommended:
Carley’s Acne Treatment
Carley’s Kick *ss Acne Treatment for Teens
Carley’s Clear & Smooth with Tea Tree Oil (Benzoyl Peroxide-Free Acne solution)
Natural Soap Bars

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I’ve Tried Everything and Am STILL Not Clear… Now What?

The Little Chemical That Can’t: Triclosan and How to Avoid It

You probably know that the average store-bought soap is a chemical soup of Frankenstein ingredients. Ingredients that you now know can’t do anything to the skin but make it smell better. Triclosan is one such ingredient.

Triclosan-containing products

Invented in the 1960’s by a chemical company, triclosan was created as an effective antibacterial agent that kills bacteria. That might be awesome for your dirty countertops – but what of your skin? Your skin is the most exposed organ in the body and has a symbiotic relationship with the good bacteria on your body. Killing all the bacteria on your skin can have devastating effects for the health of your skin.

“[Triclosan] contributes to the growing problem of bacterial resistance to antibiotics and causes a range of human problems.”Food and Water Watch, 2009

Triclosan as an antibacterial soap is a relatively recent trend. Despite purported claims by major companies that antibacterial soaps are healthy, no such proof exists. The FDA voted 11-to-1 that antibacterial soaps were no more effective than regular soap and water. Oops.

Carley’s Clear & Smooth doesn’t touch triclosan with a 10 foot pole. Not only do we recommend avoiding products with triclosan but we adamantly oppose anyone on the acne regime to even come in contact with antibacterial soap. Why? While bacteria is responsible for acne and many major skin irritations, the solution of wiping out the skin’s bacteria as a panacea is a short-term fix that puts the skin’s balance in disarray.

SoapCounterSwearing off triclosan
Triclosan is found in virtually every antibacterial soap there is. Your hand soap, your detergents, your other household cleaners. To swear off this harmful soap to both you and the environment, try using Carley’s Natural Soap. Here are tips for replacing your household cleaners that come in contact with your skin with natural soap like Carley’s.

  • Put a soap bar in the bathroom next to the sink instead of hand wash. Lathering up a soap bar should not be hard at all with a soap tray.
  • Check your cosmetic ingredients for any that contain triclosan. Toss them. Or donate them to your worst enemy.
  • Replace dish soap by creating your own handpump. Put chunks of the soap in a handpump and add water and shake thoroughly. Voila! You have an easy lathered and convenient handpump that won’t destroy your skin or the environment.

Remember, sometimes it’s the little things that help your skin. Triclosan is linked to skin allergies and skin irritations. It may be just the small change in your life that gives you the perfect skin you were looking for.

Products mentioned:
Carley’s Natural Soap (1 bar)
Carley’s Natural Soap (5 bars)

I’ve Tried Everything and am STILL Not Clear… Now What?

“Your product isn’t working. I have had persistent acne half my life. Right now, I’m using your products with a few other lines of product. Maybe I’ll try a new acne ointment. If that doesn’t work, I’ll just go back on Accutane.”

You would be amazed how many times we hear this. The only solace seems to be trying an “all of the above” strategy. Using every product in sight. Problem? All of the benefits of using Carley’s Clear & Smooth are negated by mixing with other products.

The unorthodox, highly rated approach we take towards a permanent acne solution isn’t so great if you throw it in a chemical concoction of ointments.

Believing is Doing
One of the first steps towards healthier skin is believing you can get healthy skin. If you’ve read The Power of the Subconscious Mind, you’d see that the state of your mind is absolutely crucial for any major change to occur in your body. By resigning that the product you just won’t work for you. That you need to supplement it with other products. Do you know what will happen? It probably won’t work!

Tips for Persistent Acne
If you’ve been using our product and your skin has gotten worse, don’t run to the closest drug store yet. It takes weeks, sometimes months for your skin to adjust to these products. The skin is essentially healing from all of the years of damage done by acidic, stale, chemical-laden products you’ve used before.

We tell every customer to email us if they have any problems. We will do our best to respond the same day and love to go back and forth with customers to make sure they are using the products correctly.
Products Recommended


Warding Off Thinning Hair and Baldness with… Exfoliants?

One of the first visible signs of aging for men and women is the gradual thinning of hair. For men, this takes the form of the dreaded male pattern baldness. Despite the many cure-alls out on the market there is one thing that remains consistently healthy for the scalp no matter your age and gender – stimulation.

Studies have shown that consistent stimulation and massage of the hair follicles will increase blood flow to the scalp. Studies also show that male pattern baldness sufferers have on average 2.6 times less blood flow in the scalp than normal individuals. While results cannot be anything but anecdotal, we have found success in using an exfoliant in the hair for warding off thin hair.

The LiveStrong Foundation says to use a mix of natural oils such as Jojoba and Rosemary oil to stimulate directly into the scalp. Problem? Oils are hard to absorb directly into the skin without a carrier. This is where Dimethicone-containing products that don’t readily absorb and pure oils don’t stand a chance.

Carley’s Acne Treatment contains fine walnut powder that is perfect for massaging the scalp with. An exfoliant without Benzoyl Peroxide may work just as well for those with skin sensitivities. The after body wash has a cleaning, moisturizing effect that leaves the skin healthy. What these products all contain natural oils that others tout for their magical effects on the scalp. These products are also substitutes for washes with harsh ingredients that strip the natural oils of the hair and skin and bring dryness to the scalp such as Sulfate.

How to Massage the Scalp Properly:

  1. Gently soak your hair in the shower.
  2. Fill the palm of your hand with the exfoliant and massage gently into the skin.
  3. Massage your scalp for up about 30 seconds and while making sure to get every part of the scalp.
  4. Wash out completely using the soap or body wash. Follow the directions on lathering and washing to avoid remnants of the exfoliant that may cause staining of towels.
  5. Massage the lather into the hair to get the moisturizing effects of the soap (and to wash the exfoliant completely out).
  6. Use an anti-Dandruff product (preferably absent of harsh chemicals like Sulfate) if your scalp still produces flakes. The moisturizing effect of the soaps should help but it may take those special chemicals (like Selenium) to really get rid of flakes.

Male pattern baldness and thinning of the hair in both genders is a complex topic. What you should know is that there is little to be done to prevent some thinning and balding of the hair when genetics and hormones play so strongly a role. Rogaine and Alopecia are scientifically proven to help with holding off some balding (in men) but it’s not a cure-all and won’t work for everyone. It’s even recommended to switch on and off those routines. Consistent stimulation of the scalp is something that can be done as part of your daily routine. It not only helps with that blood flow but feels great as well!

Products Mentioned:
Carley’s Acne Treatment
Carley’s Anti-Aging Exfoliant
Carley’s Body Wash

Stop the Presses: Bar Soap is In?

According to Ad Age, the bar soap is back. Yahoo says that face wash “is so 10 minutes ago.” Thanks to trendy marketing the liquid body wash took over the world. Nothing was more convenient than pouring some soap, lathering quickly and getting out of the shower just as quick as you came in. Just as quick as they came (about a decade) marketers are seeing bar soaps as the gateway to the “natural market.”

What do these pretty much all of these liquid wash products contain? Terrible, “Frankenstein” ingredients just like many store bought cosmetics. These body washes are supposed to last three years on store shelves – what possible natural ingredient could survive that long without a ton of preservatives?

So manufacturers are going back to the old fashion way of making soap with lye, oils, waxes and long curing times – right? Not quite. The bar soaps you see on the market are more detergents than anything. Here’s some differences that these mass produced bar soaps have from the “real” thing:

Making natural liquid soap
By and large, it is a challenge for natural soap makers (think home made) to create a liquid wash. The wash separates easily with oil resting at the bottom and the rest of the good stuff to the top. You’ve found this out if you purchased Carley’s bodywash. The wash needs a good pump or two before use so you’re getting the complete benefits of the product. After about a thousand batches (really) we’ve found the right mix of natural ingredients that don’t separate but still – we won’t hold it against anyone if they make a product that separates. What’s funner than shaking a bottle before use like – like Yoo Hoo?

We’ve been making bar soaps for over a decade. The bar is functional, sleek and most importantly – the most natural way to make a cleaning product. There’s no focus group needed for us to make what you love!

Products Mentioned:
Carley’s Bar Soap

Carley’s Bar Soap (5 pack)
Carley’s Body Wash

The Healthier Alternative to Shampoo: A Body Wash?

What if I told you that you could use Carley’s Body Wash as a shampoo for your hair? You’d tell me I was crazy. Shampoo is for hair and body wash is for the body, right? Not so fast. With news reports about the damage that shampoo can actually do to your hair, we recommend to go right back to the basics. A body wash or soap works fine (and probably even better) than a shampoo ever could.

The benefits of using a shampoo go right down to the aesthetics – look, feel, smell, touch (please don’t taste it). The problem comes when you get past these aesthetics. The oily hair that people go to lengths rid themselves are doing far more damage than they could with oily hair. Hair is supposed to be naturally oily. What shampoo products usually do is strip the hair follicles of natural skin oils. This may make the hair more flowing at a major cost to the skin’s health.

Just like any skin care product you find on store shelves, you’ll find shampoos usually contain incredibly harsh ingredients. The products are pumped full of “Frankenstein” ingredients that aim to make the products last longer. These preservatives can have devastating effects for the skin. What you’ll also find is an ingredient that we do everything we can to recommend customers avoid – SLS. Sulfur is commonly found in toothpaste and skin care ingredients. Many believe that this is the ingredient that causes acne on the chin with left over toothpaste.

How to use the body wash in the hair:
While it may sound juvenile recommending how to use a product in the hair, you’ll find many get it wrong.

  1. Pour a good amount of Carley’s Body Wash in your hand and rub in the hair. The Natural Soap can also work just as well but just needs a little more effort to lather.
  2. Rub the wash in the hair for a good 10-20 seconds. If you have a dry or itchy scalp, massage the wash in your hair longer and leave in the hair for several minutes while avoiding washing it out.
  3. Once the hair is fully lathered, use your hands to distribute the lather to all parts of your body to wash. This is actually a much more efficient way to use the wash for the longest amount of time for the whole body and lets the wash set in the hair longer.
  4. Wash out completely.

Dry or itchy scalp
Depending on the environment and the person, you may experience a dry or itchy scalp without dandruff products like Head and Shoulders. Due to the lack of absorption blocking Dimethicone and presence of many natural oils and moisturizers, the body wash may actually moisturize the scalp better.

Try going without a dandruff product or minimizing the use of the products to once a week while you work in the body wash. Just like any shampoo, dandruff products contain harsh ingredients as well that may set your healthy skin and hair goals back.

How to Get Healthy Skin – Be Like Kramer?

You might think you need to listen to your dermatologist for every little advice concerning your skin. In reality, you may just be missing a little Dr. Van Nostrand in your life. The popular Seinfeld character may be known for his wacky antics but his wisdom is far and above what any dermatologist or skin care blogger can provide. Kramer’s a man that acted without thinking. While many of these actions were bizarre and foolish some of his most regular habits were some of the wisest. Don’t believe me? Let’s take a look:

Kramer moisturized. Obsessively.
It’s an understatement to say that Kramer took care of his skin. He’s by no means a model (though Calvin Klein might have something to say about that) but he still found the need to regularly apply balms of all kind. Usually these weren’t cheap generic ones but exotic brands with special benefits. He even brought a little bottle with him wherever he went.

He was particular about the shaving lotion he used as well. Harsh aftershaves usually consist of alcohols that dry the skin out and further damage the skin. While we wouldn’t recommend butter, Kramer’s aftershave of choice, we recommend using a regular moisturizer to both shave and apply on after.

Kramer took care of his scare
“You put the balm on? Who told you to put the balm on? I didn’t tell you to put the balm.” Kramer certainly ruined attorney Jackie Chiles’ day when he found out that the coffee spill burn that they were suing for disappeared after a healthy application of balm to the burm. Scarring is a devastating effect of a bad deep skin wound. Unless you’re suing Starbucks over spilt coffee, it’s highly recommended to consistently apply a moisturizer or regeneration cream to a damaged area.

Take notes of other bathers to see if they’re doing it right

Kramer learned the right way to lather
Believe it or not, lathering is something very few people do right. It’s an art that we try to teach every customer to do properly. Without proper lather, the benefits of a good soap will not be reached over the whole skin surface and other products will not wash off. This may be more damaging in the end. Kramer lathered all wrong in the shower. What he did was take advice from Jerry about the proper way to lather. He even took notes from other bathers. Not something I’d recommend anyone to do in a public place but is no reason not to consider in taking advice about.

This is where the importance of showering correctly as a whole comes in. Kramer enjoyed showering so much that he installed a garbage disposal so he could even prepare food while he was in the shower. He even bought a shower head specially reserved for elephants. Take a long, hard look at your bathing habits. Water quality, duration and lather habits are all highly important to healthy skin.

A day at the beach may actually be good for your skin

Kramer swam in the East River
The chlorinated pools of the YMCA just couldn’t cut it for Kramer. He found solace in swimming the brackish waters of the East River. While we can’t condone the act of swimming in the polluted waters of the East River, we think there’s something to swimming in salty waters for the skin. Not only does the salt water have magic effects on the skin pH but the health benefits of this type of swimming are enormous.

Kramer enjoyed his fruit
People that eat a healthy serving of fruits and vegetables have better overall skin health. You didn’t need to tell Kramer this as he regularly consumed fruit of all kinds. He became so picky about his fruit that he was even banned from the local farmer’s market. At one point he even cut off storing foods long term, opting for fresh fruit only from food stands. This is a habit that you should take to heart. The right amount of fruit and vegetable servings not only makes your skin glow but it’s healthy for your overall wellbeing. The fresher the better as Kramer always said.

When in doubt, Kramer researched it
Kramer was by no means a Julliard-trained dermatologist.  Now his alter-ego Dr. Van Nostrand on the other hand was a different story. While impersonating a dermatologist, Kramer found himself in hot water over a patient’s possibly cancerous skin tumor. He scoured the medical books to see if he could figure out what was wrong and almost opted to take a deli slicer to the tumor. Don’t take a deli slicer to a skin tumor but be proactive about any changes to your skin. If your questioning a skin condition try asking online. Contact us with a question and we will do our best to answer with a solution.

Kramer didn’t stress the small stuff
“Kramer goes to a fantasy camp. His whole life is a fantasy camp. People should plunk down $2,000 dollars to live like him for a week.” This is perhaps most important point I can make. Kramer is a rare character in pop culture. He’s not only known for his antics but for his lack of stress. Over anything. Kramer lived like he wanted and that was how it was. No fusses about it. Studies show that people that live the longest are the ones that live optimistically. That’s good for your skin and for longevity.

Kramer did some terrible things for his skin that are best left unmentioned – but I’ll mention anyway. He tanned too much and he smoked cigars. So take the examples with a grain of salt. The specific instances of how Kramer lived his life is not something any sane person should mimic.

But the general points stand. Treat your skin right and your skin will look good. Put the right things in your body and it will show. Have the right outlook and it will show.

How to Use Carley’s Mask

Some benefits of Carley’s Masks can be derived from just five minutes (and up to 30 minutes) of use once or twice a week. If you only take showers, just apply a mask before your shower. A mask may not be fashionable out in public but you’ll be fine hanging around the house until it dries.

The eyes and the neck and the mouth areas are the first signs of aging. This mask is so thick it can be applied even right over the eyes lids. Just close your eyes tight when applying. Then you should be able to open your eyes. Another method involves pulling the skin in one direction and then another. Put all of your finger tips just under the jaw bone and pull the neck skin down. Then the opposite direction. The mask is just slippery enough to maximize these massage movements. Do similar massaging around the eyes. This encourages your body to get going producing new blood capillaries.


Active Masks and Stimulating the Facial Muscles
Carley’s Masks are considered an Active Mask. This means that benefits can be derived by doing a gentle massage right before removing. This massaging not only feels great but it improves the blood flow. Some say a huge reason why many men’s faces age well is the daily shave that requires this constant facial muscle movement and massaging. For women, they can stimulate these effects by using a mask and giving yourself these facial movements. After all, it’s not like you can lift dumbbells with your cheek bones and benchpress with your eyebrows!

Some of the ingredients in this mask are the right particle size that this massage also works similar to a micro-dermabrasion to help smooth your skin even more.

For those fitness freaks out there, equate these massage movements with the mask just as you would any exercise. As you becoming more fit your muscles develop more capillaries so your body can deliver oxygen to more areas of the muscles. The face is much harder to get this going but there’s no reason why daily facial muscle movement shouldn’t help.

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