If it’s Good Enough for King Tut’s it’s Good Enough for You: Black Seed Oil to Treat Eczema

Eczema and Itchy Skin Testimonials

“This absorbs so nicely and my hands are healing up already! In 2 days! Aloha!” -Louis

“This works! I had a rash for 2 months, this got rid of it in a week.” -sorchamacsidhe, eBay

“That eczema cream worked beautifully for an undiagnosed rash that
my daughter had. I mean… Instantaneously. It was absolutely amazing. I absolutely adore your product and even got another believer, who never found anything she was not allergic to except one cruddy over-the-counter product, who now swears by your product in Grass Valley.” -Linda, Grass Valley

“I love this cream. Started having very dry skin on my eyelids during the winter. I use this cream every night and within 2 days, my eyelids are no longer dry. Remember, this will not absorb in right away, but will within about 20 minutes. I just use it right before going to bed. Decided to try it on my face as well and it leaves my skin soft and hydrated. Very happy I found this.”

“May 10-year-old daughter had a terrible skin problem that has been resistant to many treatments. She would get wart-like bumps along with a constantly itchy skin rash that would redden, swell, and scale. My daughter started using the eczema lotion. It’s amazing. Literally within a handful of treatments, her 1+ year problem was gone. In fact, Carley’s wrote to inquire how it had worked and I had to admit that she had not complained for so long that I had literally forgotten what was once an EVERYDAY problem. I had to ask my daughter how it was working and she said it was definitely working! She has been itch free for over a month. How about that????!!!!!”

“This new eczema cream is really fabulous! Good work.” -k9tardus, eBay

“Love it, love it, love it, where have you been all my life? I’ll be back, thanks.” -sassyfrassy85, eBay

Product Reviewed: Carley’s Soothing Eczema Cream with Black Seed Oil 



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